Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Weekend Recap

I started writing this yesterday saying, "Monday is very much feeling like Monday. I don't know if it's because I was away from home all weekend, didn't get much sleep last night, or dealing with some anxieties at work, but today already feels like a day and it's not even halfway over."

And because yesterday turned out to be very Monday, the day totally got away from me and I wasn't able to press publish on this post. So here we are, another weekend recap on a Tuesday...

I headed up to the Wisconsin Dells for my cousin's bachelorette party with the bride and another one of her bridesmaids. After making a few stops, we made it in the early evening and spent the rest of the night walking the grounds (we stayed at the Chula Vista--not sure I would recommend haha. It was just kind of eh and not the cleanest in some areas, or so it seemed), playing some games in our suite, showering the bride with her gifts, eating junk food and sipping on cocktails (or several shots).

Obviously started the road trip out with the most trash snacks ever created.

Most graphic penis cake of all time.

We woke up on Saturday, had some breakfast, and headed straight for the pool/outdoor waterpark. This was right up the bride's alley, and while waterparks aren't totally my jam, I'll do anything for my cousin, so I watched them go down many slides and only got myself in the water for the lazy river and wave pool ;)

My favorite part of the resort was definitely the back which we had a view of from the back door of our room. It was so different from the front--very peaceful and calming. There was a river running down below our room and lots of tall trees.
We stopped back to our suite midday for lunch and some snacks and a few more drinks before heading back to the pool. I camped out on a lounge chair for most of the afternoon reading and napping which was really nice. 

We all took showers and chilled out a little bit in the early evening before heading out into town for dinner. We had a quick bite at The Patio before heading back to the resort to pregame.

Lil' John was definitely playing during this moment. (We were about to play that pin the dick on the guy game which is why she's blindfolded haha.)
In between a few drinks/shots of Tequila, the bride and a few bridesmaids attempted to break the piƱata that was brought (filled with condoms, shots of Fireball, and candy, naturally). We had no place to hang it from except outside and it ended up going flyinggg onto the walkway below our room as a result of a bridesmaid not knowing her own strength ;) it was hilarious as we had to go down to pick everything up to make sure kids weren't picking up condoms and mini bottles of Fireball the next morning.

We headed out a little while later to a club/bar which looked exactly how you would imagine a "club" in the Wisconsin Dells to look. Equally hilarious as it was disturbing/gross. We stayed until one of my cousin's friends deemed it was time to leave because she was about to singlehandedly take on a group of guys in line at the bar that "pissed her off." It was a WEEKEND, guys.

Cousin love

I mean is this not exactly how a club is supposed to look in The Dells?

We got up decently early to start cleaning up the room and packing everything up and we were able to get on the road before check-out which was great. As much as I enjoyed spending time with my cousin, I was ready to get home haha.

Sammy had spent Saturday night at his parents' house, so I went to my mom's (which is a few minutes from theirs) and hung out with her for a little while before Sammy picked me up so we could go to his brother and SIL's house to celebrate his brother's birthday.


Can't see his cake, but that's what they're staring at haha.
It was a lovely evening catching up with his family and celebrating his brother, but after what felt like such a long weekend, I was ready to get back to Crystal Lake. We got home just before 8 p.m., straightened up the house a bit, and relaxed on the couch before crashing into bed. 


I can confidently say that if I never go back to The Dells I will be a happy woman ;) it's just not my kind of place, but it was fun to spend time with my cousins and her friends.

I'm looking at a packed week with a heavier load at work and wedding festivities starting with my girlfriend's rehearsal dinner on Thursday night (!!). All exciting stuff, but I'm looking forward to some downtime next week.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Holy moly, that was a busy weekend! Sounds like a really fun party though.

    1. Kinda crazy, but definitely fun (among other things--ha!)