Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, all! I feel like it's been a while since I've done a favorites post, so I've definitely had some "favorites" stock piled and ready to share.

Probably goes without saying this guy is the most favorite around our house. I thought I would have more pictures of him to share actually, but he keeps us so much on our toes at this age that I haven't taken as many pictures 'cause I'm always running after him!

Currently, we're super focused on potty training/crate training with the occasional command training session thrown in there. I think we're going to sign him up for a class when we get back from Paris in October, so right now we're just focused on potty training. He loves bully sticks (gross but I'll let it go since they really keep him occupied), shoving himself into corners and under chairs to nap, and taking all his toys out of his basket at once.

He got his first PupBox yesterday and it was SO good. Benny gets BarkBox and while I love the cohesive theme and creativity shown with each box, I love how the PupBox products are catered to your puppy's exact age and development stage. Plus you get more than just toys and treats, we got several products that are going to be helpful with Henry.

And such a sweet coworker of mine bought Henry the cutest toy! A milk carton with little squeaking cookies inside :)

I grabbed this orange chicken bag from the frozen section at Aldi to have in the house for a quick dinner. I made it last night with rice and really enjoyed it. There was enough for Sammy and I for dinner plus another serving or two for lunch the next day.

I grabbed these from the frozen section at Aldi as well and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. Really good and super easy.

I picked this up a few weeks ago when I was staying by my mom's (and when she was footing the grocery bill ;) ) and really enjoyed the flavor combo.

This would be a $30 Amazon purchase that I think I'll get a lot of use out of. It's one of those 15-way dresses where you can tie the top a bunch of different ways. I needed something for a wedding we have on Saturday so I Primed this and hoped for the best. I thought the color was perfect for a Fall wedding. It's super comfortable as well thanks to an elastic waist and soft material, so I'm excited to wear it this weekend.

One of my cousin's bridesmaids introduced me to these wicking shorts by Jockey when I complained to her about wearing dresses in the summer because my thighs rub together. These are a GAME changer, people. I picked mine up at Target and won't look back. They're comfortable while holding you in a bit (but are more like shorts/underwear than Spanx) and just perfect if you need to avoid that unwanted friction.

I grabbed a few things from Old Navy recently (surprise, surprise), starting with these distressed jeans. They were on sale during Labor Day for $15 so I snagged them and plan to cut the seam off the bottom to create a rough edge.

I love their jersey swing dresses and this one is no exception. I love the color for fall, it looks so cute with my denim jacket and knee boots, and it's super flattering. 

Never have been so in love with a sweater in all my life. It's soft and looks expensive and this particular color is so unique (at least in my wardrobe). I want to buy it in every color they make.

I've been waiting to grab this linen blazer and a promo code finally came up that applied a discount, so I snagged it. Can't wait to layer it over turtlenecks and wear with jeans.

This tunic is so lovely and soft. It's a perfect "flannel" for me because it doesn't make me feel too hot but still feels cozy. I wore it with jeans and knee boots this week and when it gets a little chillier, I'll definitely throw a vest over it.

These were also on sale for $15 and I thought the rough edge on the bottom with a little bit of bleaching looked cool. These are something that I normally wouldn't be drawn to, but I'm a total sucker for army green bottoms. And these look different in person than they do online. My plan is to wear them with billowy white blouses and sandals during these last few warm days of summer.

Loving the fall vibes lately and can't wait for things to get even more festive! I may or may not have made the backgrounds on all my devices photos of apples...

Sammy and I stopped into Crate and Barrel last week before we saw a movie, and I always have to snap a picture of their holiday stock. My absolute favorite. 

I'm officially signed up for our town's apple pie contest haha. My brother's first question: "so, what's the average age of all the contestants? sixty?" Probably! I'm one of 10 contestants competing on the last Saturday of September, so we'll see how I do! I think I've got my recipes down, so I'm feeling pretty confident.

I had this pear juice at Sammy's grandparents last week and wish I knew about it sooner, especially earlier in the summer. It's bottled in Italy and would be incredible served over chilled champagne. In Italy they drink it served over rum ;)

I got some snuggles in with this guy last week before Henry took over our lives ;)

I snapped a few pictures of my favorite photos of Sammy's grandpa when we were looking through shoeboxes full of them before his funeral. He was a barber all his life, so I love this photo of him under a barber sign in Italy.

And this picture of Sammy's grandparents is too good. They look like characters in a movie to me.

And of course an old school picture of Sammy creeped in there somewhere ;) I mean, can you even stand it?!

My dad brought me some of my favorite things to try when he came over on Sunday. He's the best.

I've been watching Seinfeld from the beginning and it brings me so much joy at the end of every day. 

Spotted my first red-leafed tree on my walk yesterday morning! *heart eyes* all day

Sammy made pasta on Thursday night while my dad was over for dinner and it was definitely my favorite night of the week (only thing better would have been if my brother was over--my three favorite guys). I just love having our family in our home. 

The pasta was so good, I think Sammy is now our resident gravy maker (much to my stubborn dismay ;) )

That's it for me! 

I'm happy to be off work today and get to spend the day with Sammy and Henry. Tomorrow we're going to (hopefully) just lounge around before heading over to the wedding. My mom is coming over to watch Henry, so I'll be happy to see her. And on Sunday, it'll be just me and Henry since Sammy is working, so I'm hoping to spend another cozy day at home (despite the projected 85 degree temps, ugh!), maybe trying out a chili recipe and playing outside ;)

Have a wonderful weekend! xo

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  1. How is potty training going? I've only had one dog and it only took us 3 days to get him potty trained, but I'm wondering if this is the norm of not as we're considering adding in another fur baby? That amazon dress is amazing-so versatile and I think I am literally wearing those green Old Navy jeans right now.

  2. 3 days?! that's amazing!! I've read a mix of different time frames (and I think it also depends on the breed), but it sounds like it takes a few months for puppies to be completely potty trained, but I bet you guys just had the best dog ever!

    Oh thank you! I agree--super versatile. Ah, ON is the best! I love that you're wearing them.