Welcome! I'm so thrilled you're here. 

Whitehall & Rose was born after years of obsessively blissfully reading other people's blogs only to realize I'd love to have my own. Whitehall is the name of the street where I grew up, and where so many of my favorite memories took place, and Rose is my middle name!

 This is where I will document "all the things" as I enter the workforce {almost two years strong!}, figure out life after  graduate school, date my best friend, eat, have adventures, make big decisions, complain about stuff, eat, try to become a professional writer, and also eat. I really like to eat. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!


A little more about me:

Name: Alexandra Rose but most call me Alex. 

Job: Production Editor at a children's book publisher.

Loves: Family & friends, faith, day dreaming, fashion magazines, animals, Dr. Pepper, holidays x a million, Pinterest, baseball, Frank Sinatra, list making, the Crate & Barrel catalog, flea markets, books (so many books), Carrie Bradshaw, fresh flowers, Target, sitcoms, and carbohydrates. Like, I really love carbohydrates.


  1. Um so cool that you work for a childrens book company! I secretly love reading my daughter books because they make me feel happy haha they are so innocent and have such great messages! xox

  2. They're so great, right? I loveee them too. It's been so fun working there. Childrens' books are so intricate to our childhood and development, so it's so fun to be a part of creating books that can be so meaningful to children.