Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. 

Whitehall & Rose was born after years of obsessively blissfully reading other people's blogs only to realize I'd love to have my own. Whitehall is the name of the street where I grew up, and where so many of my favorite memories have taken place, and Rose is my middle name.

 This is where I will document "all the things" as I learn the ins and outs of the workforce, figure out life after  graduate school, date my best friend, eat, have adventures, make big decisions, complain about stuff, eat, try to become a professional writer, and eat some more. Eating is my favorite.


A little more about me:

Name: Alexandra Rose but most call me Alex. 

Job: Production Editor at a children's book publisher.

Loves: Family & friends, faith, day dreaming, fashion magazines, animals, Dr. Pepper, holidays x a million, Pinterest, baseball, Frank Sinatra, list making, the Crate & Barrel catalog, flea markets, books (so many books), Carrie Bradshaw, fresh flowers, Target, sitcoms, and carbohydrates. I really love carbohydrates.


  1. Um so cool that you work for a childrens book company! I secretly love reading my daughter books because they make me feel happy haha they are so innocent and have such great messages! xox

  2. They're so great, right? I loveee them too. It's been so fun working there. Childrens' books are so intricate to our childhood and development, so it's so fun to be a part of creating books that can be so meaningful to children.