Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014 fall bucket list

Well guys, I'm a few days late in linking up with Taylor & Helene for #Blogtober14 but better late than never, right?

Today was my favorite kind of Sunday here in Chicago land: Gloomy but feeling so, so fall. I love a sunny day but days like today are so perfect for staying in your pjs (in my case my overpriced PINK sweatpants..), eating comfort food (mac&cheese), and snuggling with someone all day which is exactly what I did (until that guy of mine had to go into work). I'm always waiting for a shift in the air between seasons, when everything smells entirely different overnight, and today was that day. A perfect day for today's #Blogtober14 prompt: My Fall Bucket List.

Let's get to it:

1. Bake at least 5 of the 8 million pumpkin/apple/fall-esque recipes I have pinned

From now until I start to count down the days, hours, and minutes until Christmas (which is almost immediately after finishing Thanksgiving dinner) I have to put a dent in some of my Pinterest recipes. I know 5 doesn't seem like a lot but it's ridiculous how many I pin and then never make so I have to start small I guess. For how much I obsess over holidays and food in general you'd think I'd be baking in every free moment but laziness and an embarrassingly low balance in my bank account often win out. Libby's wanna send me a free case of canned pumpkin? ;)

2. Watch Halloweentown

I love to watch holiday themed movies throughout the season but *cue the gasps* I'm not a huuuge fan of Hocus Pocus. At least not as big of a fan as everyone else seems to be. It just doesn't do it for me. SORRY. I'm a sucker for a Disney original movie, and Debbie Reynolds, so Halloweentown it'll have to be. Although, I will sit through Hocus Pocus just to see my girl SJP since she's queen.

3. Go pumpkin & apple picking 

I love going pumpkin and apple picking because they feel so fall and they get me in the spirit of the season. My boyfriend tends to be more of a pumpkin picking kind of guy (and takes it very seriously) so I'll have to drag my family apple picking. Hopefully bags and bags of apples threatening to rot will force me to bake more as well. ;)

4. Find a Halloween costume for Benny 

We've never been able to keep our dogs in any kind of costume for Halloween. I usually feel bad for dogs who are forced to wear elaborate costumes because they always look miserable but even I crack a smile at the sight of a dog in a little witch's hat or devil horns.

This wasn't for Halloween, instead a result of my sister's boredom, and it only lasted for a 3 seconds. It's a miracle the picture exists. I'm hoping for a black top hat and bow tie come the 31st although I'm not at all hopeful.

5. Try pumpkin tea

Anyone will quickly learn I'm not a calorie counter. But after learning what kind of ingredients are in a PSL (against my will I assure you) combined with the fact that Starbucks flavored drinks, and their coffee in general, rarely agree with my stomach, it hardly seems worth it to spend the money, and risk the time in the bathroom, on a "fall" drink especially when I will gladly drink my weight in hot apple cider all day long. But lately, I've been seeing pumpkin tea pop up everywhere! I'm not normally a huge tea drinker (I usually have to get it mixed with lemonade) but I'm definitely interested in trying it to see what I think.

Such a sucker for Celestial packaging 

6. Enjoy the season 

I tend to always be excited for the next season, especially during my four favorite months out of the year, but in recent years I've really been trying to focus my energy on enjoying the moment and the current season. I want to enjoy every little thing that makes these holiday seasons so magical. Here's to crisp, windy days, bowls of Halloween candy, thrifted cashmere sweaters, apple cider, my birthday (!!), crunching & changing leaves, ovens baking, fuzzy socks, snuggling with dogs and loves, one bowl meals, warm homes, and family around the table.

There it is guys! I looooove a good bucket list so I look forward to reading everyone else's lists!

Happy Sunday, loves.

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