Friday, October 24, 2014

"A girl can't read that sort of thing without her lipstick"

I'm addicted.

Not my collection.. I wish 
I can't walk past Sephora or department store make up counters without stopping by. I only allow myself to subscribe to two beauty gurus on YouTube (Jaclyn Hill & Casey Holmes) because I become so involved in watching their videos that it's now 2 am and I have a melted Reese's under my arm. 

Casey Holmes // Jaclyn Hill 

I have rationalized paying obnoxious prices for the smallest jars of skincare products but I won't pay $30 for a sweater. It's one of my goals in life to become a VIB Rouge member at Sephora. I'm happier than a kid in a candy store in MAC.

I'm obsessed, you guys. It's usually irrational and I often times get far more excited about a new eye shadow palette than I should but it all makes me so happy. 

Although, as a disclosure, before everyone thinks I'm some obnoxious, bratty, high maintenance, girl... I'm not, I swear! I go bare faced more often than I wear makeup but when I do wear it I just really love doing it. I love playing and trying new things so it's more about having fun and experimenting with whatever look I'm feeling that day than anything else. 

More often than not I look like a version of this ^ ;)

Anyway, when I saw that today's prompt was about the one beauty product you can't live without... I said no. That's a hard no. Not living with just one, ever. But in lieu of a 30 product list I'd love to share the top 5 products that I almost always use no matter what look I'm going for that day. These may be products you've already seen, heard about, or even use so bare with me if this is boring! I just love talking make up :)

// MAC Margin
Margin Blush
This blush is absolutely stunning. I can't believe how much I love it. I'm pretty sure this was a Jaclyn Hill recommendation and even after I had picked it out at MAC I kept picking it up at the display to swatch it not even realizing it was the same one. I'm drawn to it every time. It's described as having a "frosty" finish which I'm glad I never heard before I got it because I would never have bought it knowing that. I disagree though, I find that it has a golden, highlight worked into it but nothing that I would call "frosty" (but I'm no expert!). This has looked amazing on every one of my friends who has asked me to do their makeup and they all have vastly different skin tones. I think it is my favorite MAC purchase to date. I would recommend it to anyone. 

// Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Beige 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
This. I can't even. It is just too good. I'm a highlighter, bronzer, blush girl. While I love a good eye and playing with shadows and smoking things out, I just love playing with blush and highlighter. It's my favorite part of every look to do and this highlighter is just the best. I also love using each individual shade as shadow, especially in the tear duct. I also love the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter and have been wanting to try the Becca highlighter  in Opal.

// MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder

Skinfinish Natural Powder
Going right along with the "face" make up is MAC's mineralize skinfinish natural powder. I looove this stuff. I use it to bronze the temples of my forehead and a little bit on my cheeks but also to contour when I'm in a rush. This powder was recommended by a friend who works at MAC and I'm so glad she did. I have very oily skin and this works really well for me. 

// YSL Babydoll Mascara

Babydoll Mascara
This mascara was actually a Casey Holmes recommendation (I said it's an obsession...) that I was a little iffy about purchasing only because of the price. I took me a while to rationalize a $30 dollar mascara but there's something about Sephora that makes you throw caution to the wind, along with your bank account balance, and buy the designer mascara. After the cringe worthy price shock, I can honestly say that I won't ever use another mascara again. It's the best that there is and totally worth the price. It lengthens like nothing I've ever used (and it smells amazing!). A close second: Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.

// MAC Media
Media lipstick

I know this looks dark but it is seriously the most gorgeous, vamp-y color for fall and it comes out as a warmer plum color on the lips and not as dark as it appears in the tube. It's so gorg and my favorite matte lipstick from MAC to date.

Thanks for reading if you made it to the end, you guys! You're the best. I.can't.wait. to see what products you guys are loving! 


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  1. That blush is so pretty, and I can imagine the lipstick must look awesome this time of year :) I love when the autumn colours come out and they are so much darker, although I'm never brave enough to wear them!

    1. Isn't it gorgeous? Ah, I just love it. & I didn't think I would be brave enough either until my cousin (who is a make up artist) picked out Media for me and as soon as I tried it I was hooked. I would wear a vampy lip everyday if I could ;)

  2. I so want VIB Rouge too but I can't do it, I just can't!!! LOL

    1. Haha!! I know right? I don't even want to think about how much money that would mean I spent but I just want that red card!!

  3. I love Jaclynn Hill's videos! I've learned a lot of tips and tricks from her! :)
    Also, I nominated you for an award! :) The post is on my blog:

    1. Isn't she amazing?! I'm totally obsessed. She just came to Chicago for a meet & greet and I was disappointed not to be able to go.

      & omg, thank you, doll! How sweet! xo