Friday, October 10, 2014

best vacation memory (so far)

Soooo, a little behind on #Blogtober14 but I'm still doing each post (you're just gunna get three days worth of prompts on one day...yeah, sorry)!

Day 7 was Best/Worst Vacation Memory. I'm so blessed to have had only positive vacationing experiences. I think the only negative one I can think of is when I was about four and I went with my parents to Arkansas (don't ask...I don't know why) and I got a tooth ache which ended up feeling like the worst least to a four year old. I distinctly remember sitting in the McDonald's in the airport not able to eat my chicken nugget happy meal because my teeth hurt so badly and instead had to try to chew pink children's Tylenol. Geez, the stuff you remember from your childhood.

I've had some really beautiful vacations in my life, so far. I have wonderful memories of vacations when my parents were still together (they're divorced now) and wonderful memories of vacations my siblings and I have taken with each of them individually. We usually do road trips with my Dad (Springfield, IL, South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore) and resort-y type vacations with my Mom (Tucson, AZ, Palm Springs, CA). I've also been to Florida several times over the past few years with my boyfriend and his family (I was even a bridesmaid in his brother's wedding that took place in Clearwater!)

But one of my favorite vacations has to be the most recent one we took to Florida. Now, nothing against Florida as I've been there several times before but, Florida isn't my "go-to" place. But, there's only one thing that would get me to beg my mother to plan a vacation there: Walt Disney World. Yes, yes, yes. I'm that kind of girl. Confession: I'm almost 23 years old and probably love princesses and Disney more now than I did when I was younger (and that was a lot). When I was about ten or eleven we took a Disney cruise with my entire family and while I remember a good amount and how wonderful it was I don't remember it as much as I would like. I was so excited when my mom surprised me one night after having booked our flights and hotel and said we'd be going back to Disney! We had such a beautiful trip and my boyfriend was actually able to join us so it was extra special getting to experience everything with him as well.

We spent a week there and did the first few days of the week relaxing by the pool, going to the beach, mini golfing, and going to the Titanic museum (!!! my boyfriend and I are Titanic nerds so we convinced my mom, brother, and sister to want to go and they ended up really loving it) before we ended the week with all the parks (Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Disney's Hollywood Studios). I'm consistently amazed at how detail oriented Disney is (they think of everything!) and how magical it really feels to be there no matter what age you are (I'd be lying if I said I didn't tear up leaving Magic Kingdom that night...). That guy was on to something, that Walt. I absolutely can't wait to take my own children there someday.

Here are some (okay, a lot) pictures from our week in Orlando :)

We stayed at the Westin hotel in Orlando

Beautiful grounds. Can't recommend Westin hotels/resorts enough.

The Grand Staircase at the Titanic Museum

When you go to the Titanic museum in Orlando you're handed a boarding pass with the name and information of a real passenger who rode the Titanic and by the end of the tour you can see if you survived or not (I did!). It's really interesting and very moving/heartbreaking. 

Evening cocktails on the patio
Blurry, sorry!
I'm not a Harry Potter girl (I knowwww, I knowww. I just can't get into it...*as I lose all of my five followers*) but Universal really did an amazing job detail wise on all of their Harry Potter features. That first picture is all of us waiting for the Hogwart's Express! which takes you to the other side of the park. 

My brother and boyfriend TOTALLY geeking out over meeting Spongebob... I mean, really. I suppose if my boyfriend puts up with my princess obsession I can put up with this ;) God, we're weird. 

Isn't he so handsome? Ps. He's this happy because it was the line for Spongebob...

I was dyingggg as we were approaching Cinderella's castle!

My turn to geek out on the Little Mermaid ride! 

With my momma, sister, and brother waiting for the new Seven Dwarf's mine ride :)

Such a magical day. So happy to share it with some of my favorite people. 

"All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust" - Peter Pan

My sister and I may have held up the line of 4 year olds in order to get pixie dust sprinkled in our hair. When in Rome.

Meeting Mickey at Disney Hollywood Studios! Hollywood Studios was so much fun. It was like stepping into Old Hollywood (which is entirely up my alley since I'm convinced I should have been born in the 30's). There were a lot of exhibits about Walt Disney, and how they animate, etc. It was fun to feel like you were getting a behind the scenes, historical aspect of everything Disney. I highly recommend it if you're in Orlando. 

Walt Disney exhibit

We got to eat at Pizza Planet! 

My Rocky obsessed boyfriend got to fit his hand into Sylvester Stallone's. #fangirlmoment

Even the sunsets in the parking lot are magical. 

Finishing the week off at Cocoa Beach with drinks in my hand

Sorry this was so long guys! This was more for me than anything so I can look back on such fun memories from this trip. 

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