Monday, October 20, 2014


Hey, guys! I've missed this little blog of mine while I was gone.

There were some important personal matters that had to be dealt with this past week and unfortunately blogging got thrown to the way side because being there for others and celebrating a life was far more important.

But, I'm glad to be back. I want to go back and participate in some of the #Blogtober14 prompts I missed while I was gone then we'll get on to the regular scheduled programming over here.

Last week one of the prompts was: "favorite quote and why". I talked a little bit about this in my introduction post here but I love the quote so much I'll talk about it again :)

I'm honestly quite shocked that I can even pick a favorite quote (although there are a lot that come as a very close second). As an aspiring writer, words are very important to me. I'm always transfixed by how others string words together to make the most profound and beautifully articulated ideas and thoughts. I often wonder how I'll ever compare as a writer. Especially when there were ones like Ralph Waldo Emerson. That guy. 

I think a big reason I wanted to talk about this quote today was because it's especially applicable to life right now. This quote lays the foundation for a life well lived and this past weekend was spent celebrating someone who did just that: lived well. I hope where he is he knows that he succeeded. 

I think the biggest goal in my life is to achieve exactly what the last part says: "to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived." I hope in my life I laugh a lot, leave the world better, and make someone breathe a little easier.

Forever killin' it, Emerson. 

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