Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"serenity now"

I've been told that I get annoyed easily. I try to deny it but in the end I know that it's true. I know that it's true because when I saw the prompt for today I barely had to think before several of my pet peeves came to mind. I'm generally a happy person but there are some things that I "just can't". 

So, without further ado... some of things that make me so irrationally irritated that I'm almost embarrassed. But not really because people should just stop being annoying. 

// when people wear gym shoes with business wear

I get it, you're walking long distances. Cool, we all are. You don't want to wear heels for 18 blocks? Yeah, same. Get some flats or a nice boot. Not hard and it looks far less ridiculous. 

// teachers who don't fully erase the chalkboard

You spend all that time erasing and then leave one little mark of chalk?! No. Clean it up. (for the record, I've been told I'm the only one who feels this way. Tell me there's someone else out there!)

// people who take up an extra seat on public transit by putting their backpacks or purses on them

Endlessly irritating. I'm convinced this is one of the worst personality traits. 

// mixing black and blue ink

There is no explanation for why this bothers me. I just appreciate consistency. 

// when people don't replace the empty toilet paper roll

Why do people assume they're exempt from the replacing of the roll responsibility if they've emptied the last one!?

// people who talk during movies

^^This is how I look during it, too! I can't even begin to describe the amount of anxiety this causes me especially when the people who are talking are my family or friends. It annoys me to no end but it almost makes me want to leave the theatre. This is why I like seeing movies alone...haha.

// people who leave dishes on the counter right above the dishwasher

It's.right.there. it.takes.three.seconds. 


Link up with Taylor & Helene and the rest of us for #blogtober14 before I think of more pet peeves and go completely nuts ;)

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 


  1. oh yes to the gifs. and jack nicholson. and anything from satc.if only there was a way to get even with the toilet paper jerk. must brainstorm that one.

    1. Revenge would be so, so sweet. Those people deserve it!

      & right?! Jack is so good and clearly SATC is ;)

  2. OMG the toilet paper roll thing should just be common human etiquette. Seriously!

    1. Right?! I don't get it. It takes five seconds, like come on.