Friday, October 10, 2014

letter to me

Day 8 (on day 9) was "Letter To Yourself In Ten Years".

I have to say I love doing these kinds of things. I remember having to do this when we were in eighth grade and our letters were given back to us as seniors in high school and they were so, so fun to read! I always love reading things I've written years ago so I know I'll love reading this ten years from now.

Near Mt. Rushmore

Dear me,

You're thirty-three! How did we get here? I don't even know where to begin in terms of my hopes for you and what your life has become. I hope you're still as hopeful about your life as twenty-three old you is. I hope you're even more hopeful.

Are you married? Was your wedding filled with the most beautiful details and memories you could think of?

Do you have children? Are you that crazy, detail oriented, "pinterest-y", mom you've always wanted to be?

Did you sell your book? Did it make the New York Times Bestsellers list?

I hope you're marriage is as wonderful and as ignorantly, deliriously happy as you've always wished it to be. I hope your daughter loves princesses, painting, and books. I hope your son loves dirt, trucks, and baseball. I hope if your son loves princesses and your daughter loves trucks you're just as happy as I know you would be. But mostly I hope they laugh, and are healthy and autonomous, and love the life you strive to give them. I hope your book is on shelves all over the world. I hope you've reached people. I hope your house bares resemblance to the Kevin McCallister's (or Steve Martin's in Father of the Bride). I hope it looks great in Christmas lights. I hope those walls are filled with barking dogs, laughter, holiday warmth, and love.

I hope you're as passionate about life and as excited for the future as you are now. I hope your healthy and happy. I hope you don't stand in your own way. I hope you stay true to who you are. I hope you laugh every single day. I hope you make others happy and impact their lives. I hope the journey getting here as been even more fun than the dreams that inspired it.

I hope you make us proud. I have a feeling you will and you do.

Love, yourself

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