Wednesday, October 29, 2014

most embarrassing moment

Ugh. While I definitely live a life consistent in embarrassment, I can't think of a hugely specific most embarrassing moment. But I can think of little ones from my childhood that still irrationally haunt me to this day. Nothing like a girl who can't let go, huh?

-I took ballet when I was in elementary school. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. She was kind and reserved which was perfect for the shy little girl I was. Well, after only having a few classes with her she had an accident and broke her leg and had to take a leave of absence from teaching. Her replacement was the complete opposite of her and I remember her making me very nervous. She was loud and bossy and honestly? Obnoxious. Her first day there she had us doing leaps from one end of the room to the other. Each of us went one at a time while everyone stood around and watched you. Of course, I went last and had watched everyone do really well which only heightened my anxiety and pressure to do as well they had. Apparently, I didn't because while I was mid leap I heard her yell to me "what is this, the Mexican hat dance?!" I was horrified and so embarrassed that I had done so poorly. I let her ruin ballet for me and I never went back to another class which pisses me off because I think I would have really loved ballet. See, still bitter.

Guess she was pissed my 9 yr old self couldn't do it like this..
-For some inane reason I decided I needed to give the cutest boy in our grade, the boy every single girl had a crush on, a gift. What was this gift you ask? I put a small cheetah figurine (one that I got as a "prize" for selling a certain amount of cookies in girl scouts... I think it was jungle themed or something that year) in an old jewelry box. Why you ask? Because everyone knew him as a fast runner...I know, I can barely type this. But that wasn't all! I also included... wait for it... a penny. What the actual fuck. I think it was because I was obsessed with Grease at the time and the whole "find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck" thing. So, I assume my intention was to pass along some good luck, although I don't think I can logically assume anything about my childhood mentality. And the worst part was I actually gave it to him. Nothing like getting a gift made up entirely of recycled, pre-owned items. Also worth mentioning is that I had never spoken to him before so walking up to him randomly and handing him this box of ridiculousness made absolutely no sense. Thank god I, embarrassingly enough, ran away after giving him that because I don't think I could handle having the memory of his facial expression after opening it. There is zero explanation for any of this except that I was a very dramatic child always wanting to profess some kind of admiration for someone. I also had to go to school with him from kindergarten until we graduated from high school, so, there's that.

Swear to God that's the cheetah (to the left). Can't believe I found a picture. Again, wtf...
Thank god my boyfriend handles my drama because little did he know he was next (actually he was first but I took a break from him to deliver that cheetah...idiot) good thing he took me back ;)

After those memories, I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's embarrassing moments! It's comforting that we can look back and laugh at ourselves. 

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  1. O no! That stinks about the ballet story! I used to do ballet too but for some reason I got jealous that my mom was cheering for my best friend more than me so I quit. Real mature right?

    1. Uhm, I would have been the exact way as a kid. Some of the stuff I did... swear to god I have no idea how I got like that haha.