Thursday, October 30, 2014

the facts

I can't believe #blogtober14 is almost over which means October is almost over which is crazy. Buttt that means my birthday is on the way so not so crazy ;) I loved doing #blogtober14 especially as an incoming blogger who didn't really know (and still doesn't obviously) what she was/is doing. It was nice to ease into blogging with previously chosen prompts which eliminated the pressure of coming up with my own ideas. I'm so lazy. But, it did get me brainstorming on what kinds of posts I'll be doing on my own and I'm excited to get started!

Anyway, on to today's prompt. The facts of me. Like a lot of people have been saying, I really like to read "about me" related posts because I think it makes the individual behind the blog seem more relatable and accessible. Plus everyone posts such hilarious/interesting facts!

So, here are mine which are probably not going to be hilarious or interesting.

-My brother and sister and I all have the same initials. The are ARMS. Yep, arms. Allegedly, it was not done on purpose. And yep, we have a hyphenated last name. Made for a lot of fun in school when your name doesn't fit on a roster and no one knows who the hell you are.

-I've passed eight kidney stones and I have a weird sixth sense-y thing happening telling me I have another one (or several) coming. I've been prescribed medication, for said stones, normally prescribed to men in their seventies who suffer from enlarged prostates. I am not seventy and I do not have a prostate but Yesterday after lunch I told my girlfriend that I was afraid I was going to get heartburn because what I ate was too spicy. She said "I love how old you are". Maybe I am seventy.

-I frequently dream in black and white which everyone in my life thinks is very weird. Sorry? I tried to look up what dreaming in black and white meant but it got a little to technical (aka I got bored). I kind of hope it means I'm old fashioned (I somehow made this connection between black and white dreams and black and white movies...) because I definitely believe I was born in the wrong decade.

-Like Harry Burns, I too read the last line (instead of the whole page) of whatever book I've started. I just love last lines of books and if they're not good I don't really want a whole lot to do with the book. & when I write, I typically write the last page first.

-I do not like salad but I'll make the exception for spinach salads because spinach is not lettuce. I place a hard no on lettuce. Like, why?

-I currently work as a marketing intern for a children's book publisher in Chicago and I love, love, love it. I just placed the first post-it note of my career on my computer screen like a BA. I also snapchatted everyone I know a video of my new office because I'm that girl.

-I love spending days in the city alone. Over the summer I was summoned for jury duty in the city but wasn't picked. I went out to lunch and read my book while I ate, went shopping, and saw the new Woody Allen movie. No one told me "easy on the gravy" at lunch, or that I was spending too much money at Sephora (because there isn't such a thing), and no one stuck their damn hands into my tub of popcorn. Complete bliss.

-The Golden Girls is my favorite show of all time. I watch it before I go to bed every night and know almost every line. It beats out Sex and the City by the smallest little smidgen. I guess I have a thing for hilarious, fabulous women in groups of four.

-One of the things I want most in life is a home that resembles the Home Alone house. I was very upset when it finally sold (since the suburb it's in is only about 40 minutes from my house now). I just needed more time... and a million dollars.

-I'm getting my master's degree at DePaul University in Chicago in Writing & Publishing because I want to stay in school forever and not grow up. Also, rack up tons of student loans.

-My boyfriend and I have talked more about our future pet family than our human family. We've decided on an orange cat named Oliver, an English bulldog named Henry, and a Golden Retriever (because everyone needs one) to be named later. We're weird, in over our heads, but we have fun.

& yes.. I did make this high quality collage. Welcome.
-I have to eat whatever is on my plate in sections. I don't go from the potatoes to the corn to the broccoli and back again. I finish all the potatoes, then all of the corn, etc. I'm not a mixer but I am an exhausting human being.

-I'm super neurotic. I have a hard time leaving when I'm with a group of people because I'm afraid they're going to talk about me. I'm so embarrassed by that but it's very true.

- I know more music from the 30's-60's than I do of what's currently "in". Especially big band, swing, jazz kind of music.

-I would eat mac & cheese everyday for the rest of my life if calories didn't exist although the real reason is if I could afford to it that often (I'm a broke grad student, remember?) because I don't place that much importance on calories.

That's me! Can't wait to read everyone else's lists! Link up with TaylorHelene, & us for the end of #blogtober14!


  1. This kidney stone thing really upsets me for you. No beuno. These are such fun post ideas! All these cool things now known! ;)

  2. Haha, thank you! Luckily, I have only been aware of four out of those eight. The other ones must have been small enough that I didn't feel them as much or I'm just getting used to pain... haha

  3. I have an orange cat and a golden retriever, excellent choices!!