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Hey guys! My absence from here has been ridiculous. But, this week was (my last) finals week so I was trying to finish the autumn quarter strong. Anyway, after a week long break from here, and an eleven page poetry paper, I'm back!

Last week I got an e-mail from Nancy, who writes the hilariously relatable blog Sincerely & Sarcastically, tagging me to write a post about the top 10 things I'm thankful for. This post was originally inspired by Katelynn who blogs over at XO, Katelynn and I thought it was such a great idea and so appropriate to write the day before Thanksgiving. The idea was that you link back to the original posters and then tag several bloggers to do the post as well but since I am a week late in posting this, and we are so close to Thanksgiving, I feel like it's too late to tag anyone at this point.

As I've gotten older, I've been trying to actively acknowledge all of the daily blessings I have in my life. At night, I write that I was grateful for that day in a journal I keep on my nightstand and I've filled a few of them up already. It's so important to me to practice gratitude and I've found that since I've been actively acknowledging all that is good in my life I am so much happier. I'm consistently in awe of how blessed I am so without further ado... onto my list!

// ONE

My family. I was brought up to value family more than anything and because of that family is of my highest priorities. My parents are my best friends, my siblings are too. I was blessed with the greatest grandparents ever and that is even more clear now that my grandma is my only grandparent left. My aunts & uncles are amazing, I'm often obsessed with my fabulous cousins. My boyfriend's family has been so incredibly welcoming of me and nothing but warm and loving toward me, always treating me as one of their own. We're often crazy and dramatic, mostly loud, and sometimes obnoxious but they're mine and I can't imagine not having their undying support and love in my life.

// TWO
This guy. This guy who always takes such great care of me when I need him to, who doesn't run for the hills after witnessing my over emotional tendencies, who puts up with my cheesiness, supports my dreams, for being one of the absolute sweetest men in my life, and accepting my love with open arms. For him, I am forever grateful. Also, for being strikingly handsome. 


This sweet boy. For his cuddles and his endless love. 

an oldie but a goodie
These ladies. These ladies have been there for me through everything and I couldn't be more grateful and blessed to have their constant presence in my life. Despite us all starting to go our separate ways in our own lives I know we'll always be together and find time to spend with one another. Love my ladies.


My home. I was blessed with the most wonderful childhood and home I could have asked for. Our homes are sometimes one of the things we easily take for granted often forgetting that most don't have the luxury of having a home. I am so grateful my parents have provided my family with a warm home to come home to every night. 

// SIX

Food. I joke a lot about food, and most people who know me even remotely well would laugh if they saw this on my list, but I mean this seriously. I often feel so gluttonous and bratty walking around after my third box of mac & cheese saying things like "ugh, there's nothing in this house to eat!" when there are millions of people who barely eat once a day. I love food and I love what it represents to my family as a form of love and enjoyment and sharing but I'm also grateful to have it to nourish my body and keep me healthy and alive.


My health. Perhaps this should be much further up the list but I am so incredibly grateful for my health. I am so grateful that my body is healthy enough to heal itself and allow me to walk and breathe well. The body is so amazing and I'm in awe of those who have to use theirs to fight disease in order to live. We truly don't have much if we don't have our health and I am grateful to have mine.


My faith. I've been on a journey to discover and develop a deeper sense of faith, especially in the last few years. I was reading my devotional everyday last year until I stopped for some personal reasons but I recently picked it back up and have implemented it into my daily routine again. I've always felt a connection to God but have been working on deepening my relationship with him lately and have felt a deeper appreciation for life and all of its blessings because of it. 

A joke, a joke ;)
Material items. Okay, so I know some people might not think material possessions should be a part of a list like this but there are several material items I have that make my life easier or more enjoyable and even I can't deny that. I'd love to be the person that is big enough to not place any kind of importance on material things but I am not that person haha. I love the convenience of my phone (although there are plenty of days I'd like to throw it through a window), unwrapping new makeup, all my books and movies that make me laugh and the bad days seem better, fuzzy blankets and socks, a hot cup of coffee, bath and body works candles and shower gel, and all things fun and inspiring and beautiful. Believe me, the earlier items on this list are so far more important than any material items that I have but I can't deny that some of these things make my days a little bit brighter and I'm thankful for the people who have kindly given them to me or for the money I have made from the jobs I am blessed to have that I've been able to buy these things with. 

// TEN

Speaking of, I think number 10 will have to be my jobs. I am very blessed to have landed a paid internship at a children's book publisher which aligns perfectly with my master's degree which will be in writing and publishing. I've also been blessed to have been kept on staff at our local park district where I work on the weekends to make some extra money. In today's job market I'm very aware of how difficult it is to get a job or an internship, especially a paid one, so I'm very grateful to have been given these opportunities. 


Thanks again to Nancy from Sincerely & Sarcastically (go check her out! she's awesome!) for asking me to participate. It really solidified all that I'm grateful for this holiday season and everyday of my life. I ask God, and myself, everyday how and why I got so blessed and while I don't think I'll ever be able to answer that question I will always be able to choose gratitude and be so grateful for all I've been given and worked for.

I also want to tell you guys how grateful I am for you! I was so nervous embarking on this blogging journey and I have received nothing but positive feedback and met some really sweet and inspiring women through this all. So, thank you for welcoming me into this blogland :) I can't wait to see where it takes me.

Wishing you all a wonderful, healthy and warm holiday tomorrow with all of those that you love most...and that extra helping (or two, or three). 

Ps. Anyone going Black Friday safe! and I hope you get bunches of deals. It'll be my first year so wish me luck!

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