Tuesday, December 16, 2014

buzzfeed christmas quizzes! {blogmas14}

Today's #blogmas14 prompt was to take this Christmas cookie quiz and see what the results were! I'm a huge sucker for buzzfeed quizzes so I was totally on board for this one.

This is what I got:

The description said: "You are refined, smooth, and probably the most mature of your friends. We wouldn't want you any other way."

While I agree with the description (sorry friends if you're offended haha), shortbread has never been one of my favorite cookies. I guess I always felt like it was sort of boring...but I've been known to be boring from time to time so I suppose that choice is appropriate. 

Since I can't help myself I kept going with the quizzes. Here are the other ones I did if you guys want to procrastinate from doing something else ;)

// Which Reindeer Are You? I got: Vixen 
// Which "Home Alone" Villain Should You Hook Up With? I got: some guy from Home Alone 3 and I'm pissed about it 'cause Home Alone 3 is a disagrace
// Who Should You Kiss Under The Mistletoe? I got: Tom Hiddleston & I'm disappointed because I have nooo idea who he is
// What Christmas Song Describes Your Life? I got: All I Want for Christmas is You
// Which "Home Alone" Character Are You? I got: Buzz's girlfriend...WTF (fun fact: did anyone know that the picture of Buzz's "girlfriend" is actually a boy dressed as a girl because John Hughes felt too bad using a real girl and calling her ugly. He's just the best)


What cookies did you all get? Have you taken any other fun holiday quizzes. I always stop what I'm doing to take them haha. See you all tomorrow!
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  1. I am such a sucker for those damn buzz feed quizzes...they help nap time breeze by!

  2. I got Prancer :)
    And btw Tom Hiddleston is lovely! Look him up on Google images ;P

    1. Prancer is who I wanted! Haha & I felt like such a dork for not knowing who he was! but apparently if I watched more superhero movies I would know ;) he is quite handsome