Thursday, December 11, 2014

wishing, wishing {blogmas14}

Today's #blogmas14 prompt is to post about our Christmas wish list. As I get older I find it harder and harder to think of things that I actually need and instead feel bad about asking for things that seem frivolous but as long as my parents keep asking for lists I'll supply them! ;)

Down below are some of the things I'd be thrilled to find under our tree.

christmas wish list

// Origins Make A Difference Plus + because I got a sample of it at Sephora and my skin seriously drinks this stuff up. It feels so amazing to put on after a long day and it sinks into the skin immediately which someone with super oily (but also weirdly dry) skin like myself loves. 
// MAC gift card's MAC and I have a sickness, duh.
// I Remember Nothing because I can't get enough of that woman.
// Disney movies because I'm forever growing my collection.
// Dolce & Gabbana "Light Blue" because it smells delightful, especially in the summertime.
// Stationary Bike Trainer because I need to be able to exercise in front of my television, plain and simple. 


Thanks to Tay & Ash again for the link up! I want to see all of your guys' wishlists. They're so fun to read! Happy Thursday (we're almost there, people)! 
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  1. I love Origins and I have to confess, i have never tried a Mac product. I know, I am totally missing out…what would you recommend?

    1. I'm really starting to love Origins. This make a difference stuff is too good, I hope I never get sick of it. & omg you've made my entire life by asking me what I recommend haha! So, some of the more popular items universally from MAC are their pro long wear concealers (I was never a concealer girl before MAC and now I love, love, love it). They're full coverage and they stay put which is crucial. I'm a blush/highlighter girl and I love their blushes and mineralized skin finishes (which combine some pigment with highlight). My favorite blush from MAC is called Margin. It's a peachy color (which I'm naturally drawn to) with a hint of highlight blended in. I've used it on all my girlfriends, who all have different skin tones ranging from dark to very pale, and it looks gorgeous on all skin tones. It's probably my number one from MAC. Naked Lunch is, so far, my favorite eye shadow. I love it in the tear duct when doing a full eye but lately I've been wearing it all over the lid for an easy everyday eye when I don't have time in the morning. It's so gorg. & I'm a huge MAC lipstick girl. I prefer a matte lipstick to a sheen or shimmery one and I prefer the vampy shades when I wear lipstick (like Media, my all time fav, and Diva) but I also love Velvet Teddy as nude and I've heard that Rebel and Snob are gorgeous colors as well (that I have to try out still). Sorry this was so much I just get so excited about MAC! If you're not into makeup it may seem like a bit of a splurge but compared to some other brands at Sephora or in the department store MAC is priced relatively well in my opinion.

      If you end up stopping into a MAC play around, it's so much fun! Usually the girls (and men) who work there are so knowledgeable! Let me know if you get anything!

  2. I love that you have Disney movies on your list! You are never too old for Disney movies!