Wednesday, December 3, 2014

gift guide {her}: #blogmas14

I have to admit I have been extra lazy with this blog the last week or so. While attempting to get back into a routine once finals were over this blog, and everything that didn't involve binge watching Dawson's Creek, got sadly thrown to the way side. But, I've developed a bit of a routine this week, something my type-a personality craves, and my blogging bug is back. I'm so happy to be participating in Tay & Ash's holiday link-up today!

Today's prompt is a gift guide for her which is clearly the best kind of gift guide, no? ;) The women in my life are some of my favorite, not to mention easier, people to buy for during the holiday season. I tend to gravitate toward gifts that are on the cozier, self indulgent side, items us women may sometimes forget to buy and treat ourselves to. I'm also a theme-y gift giver. I try to be consistent with a gift's theme like one of my girlfriend's this year is getting all "comfy" items like fuzzy socks, comfy pajama bottoms, and this ice cream koozie (because how could you not?) for a cozy night in.

I just love gift giving, ah! So, here are some of my picks for the lovely ladies in our lives.

gift guide {her}

// Bottom lash mascara by Clinque is one of my favorite mascaras ever. It's definitely making its way into my mom's stocking this year (who I've recently converted)
// Monogram mugs (and plates!) by Kate Spade are such a cute idea at an affordable price
// Festive holiday Essie shades
// Que Bella facial masks. I get these at Target where they have big selection and often snatch them up to add to gifts because everyone likes a mask, right? They're a steal priced from $1.97+
// Cozy moccasins for chilly nights
// Nora Ephron collection of essays because Nora is always the correct choice. All woman (and men!) should read her
// Comfy lounge pants from Old Navy

There it is guys, some of my go-to picks for ladies who love to be cozy and indulge themselves once and a while because don't we all deserve a facial mask and an elastic waist band?

Can't wait to see what you all love to get for the ladies in your lives! Thanks to Tay & Ash for the link up! See you all tomorrow!