Wednesday, December 17, 2014

gingerbread through the years {blogmas14}

I really enjoy making gingerbread houses especially with my boyfriend. It's been a tradition of ours to make one every year during Christmas time and it's always a fun date night for us. Plus, we're both rather controlling so making gingerbread houses where we can each delegate tasks that the other isn't involved in feeds our control freak flag. Don't we sound like so much fun?! Sammy is in charge of making "lawn decor" like the Christmas trees and pathways (although I did the walkway and the gate this year) as well as a wreath he always makes out of spearmint candy and I'm in charge of the windows (which I hate doing actually) and the icicles. Then we split doing each side of the roof and other random areas that need to be adorned with candy. See, we have a system ;)

This year, we were really disappointed with the house we bought from Target and I hate, hate, hate to admit it because I just love Target so much! But the icing was terrible and didn't stick or spread well at all despite how many time we zapped it in the microwave. It ended up drying up like fondant. See that snowman in the front lawn? That's leftover icing we couldn't use! We were able to roll it up into balls... that shouldn't happen. So we had to make our own icing, which was fine but we'd rather use what we pay for. We've had good luck with kits from Michael's so we'll have to remember that for next year. 

Down below are some of the houses we've done in past years if you'd like to see :)

2014 (not our best but oh well)





Can't wait to see what kind of houses you guys have built. Happy almost one week 'till Christmas, guys!! Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow! Your houses are awesome (even this year's in my opinion)! And what a fun tradition for you two to do together! Those will be great memories for years to come!

  2. Those are great gingerbread houses. Thanks for the tip to buy a kit from Michael's!

    1. Thank you! & yes, definitely. I think it's because they're the Wilton brand that they're better.

  3. Your pretty much a professional….you blew mine out of the water for sure!!! Love it!!

    1. Hah! Thank you for the compliment but we definitely did not! Yours was so cute!