Thursday, December 18, 2014

the christmas waltz {blogmas14}

My favorite Christmas song is easy. I talked about it in this post a bit. It's a song that was on the Sinatra Christmas Album from the 50's so clearly it's the best because it's Sinatra ;) It's a song my grandparents listened to while decorating their tree or baking Christmas cookies. It's a song that will forever remind me of them and that reason alone is enough to make it my favorite. 

Despite the nostalgia I associate with this song I can readily admit how beautiful the lyrics are and how warm you can feel when the music seems to just float around you. It's the finishing touch to any Christmas scene. It's not a terribly popular song and the original version is never played on the radio instead having space reserved on the original vinyl album that sits next to my record player all year long. I spoke about this before but my favorite part of this song? Is at the end of the original when Sinatra says "Merry Christmas" at the end because my grandma always answers him by saying "Merry Christmas, Frank" as if he can hear somewhere out there. I'll always think of her whenever this song comes on, I'll always tear up because of it, and I'll always wish Frank a "Merry Christmas" too.

Take a listen, I know you'll love it.



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  1. I love this song…so beautiful!! One of my favorites!!

  2. Ali where have you been!? Hopefully school is going well:) We miss you in blogland!

  3. Hi, doll! You're so sweet for commenting. You have no idea how that made my day! I've been swamped with grad school since the holidays and simply getting back into a regular routine. This weather leaves me with no energy after work and school! Hoping to get back to into the blogging journey very soon! Thanks for checking in on me! Hope all is well with you xo