Tuesday, May 26, 2015

{memorial day} weekend recap

A Tuesday has never felt more like a Monday. *insert exhausted emoji* I'm still getting over my lingering cold/cough so that's made coming back from our long weekend a little bit tougher but today is my last night class of our Spring quarter (!!) so that's making things easier. It'll be so nice to have the summer off to just work instead of balancing school with everything else. 

On to the recap! 

On Friday, my family and I celebrated my sister's birthday at our house. She requested angel hair, mac & cheese (from Boston Market no less), roasted potatoes (because we can never have enough carbs, right?), beef sandwiches, and fruit salad for dinner which was all delicious.

Later on, Sammy and I headed over to one of my girlfriends' houses who was throwing a bonfire to celebrate two of their graduations this past month. It was so nice to sit around, have some drinks, and be able to catch up and celebrate their accomplishments. I don't get to see all of them as often as I would like so it was nice to slow down and get to spend time with them. 

On Saturday, Sammy and I spent the day in a quaint little town near our houses we don't visit too often. Since the weather was gorgeous we decided to take advantage of the outdoor shops and eating and spent the afternoon there. We ate at a place called The Chatterbox and I got a beer battered baja taco with a chipotle cream, gauc, and pico de gallo & a side of veggies (since I've been trying to eat healthier which always just sucks. I mean, veggies? Really?) and Sammy got his usual burger with fries (since he has the metabolism of a 9 year old. Hate him). My taco was so delicious. I would definitely go back just for those. 

We came back into our area and took a three mile walk through a forest preserve near our houses while the sun went down. I got to hear him tell stories of when he was younger and the stupid fun things he would do with his friends there which was a treat for me because I've known him since the 2nd grade and we know most of each other's stories already (or we have the same ones) so hearing new ones is always fun for me. 

On Sunday, I spent the afternoon with my family at a family friend's BBQ. It was definitely nice spending time with family we don't get to see very often. & on Monday I spent the day with Sammy's family celebrating his grandma's birthday which is always such a great time because: food. Also, family. But mostly food. I couldn't get a picture of all of it in time because as soon as it hits the table it's gone and by the time I was finished I couldn't even move. But here's only half of the desserts we had:

In between all that there were books, Chicago Blackhawks games, naps, homework, and puppy snuggles from this old man:

It was definitely a full weekend and I have another one coming up so I'm trying to beat this cold while I can. I hope everyone had a relaxing, grateful weekend. I raised a glass to both of my grandfathers, and all the men & women, who graciously and selflessly serve(d) our country in order to uphold all of our freedoms. I will forever be grateful for that. 


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