Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Recap

Monday, Monday, Monday. Trying to be positive on this gloomy Chicago day but Monday is testing my limits. I'm actually being really obnoxious because I have nothing to really complain about. I was complimented all morning by people at work {not to brag but this doesn't happen every day and it's nice to have efforts recognized especially when you're trying to land a job after the internship is over} and now I'm eating fried eggplant cutlets from Trader Joe's & cheesy risotto on my lunch break so, like, it's a good day so far. Especially when it follows a pretty solid weekend. 

On Friday, I went for a run since I am "training", and I use the term training lightly because there are people who do real training and they put me to shame, for two 5ks I've signed up for this summer. I joke about being kind of lazy and unhealthy but doing a 5k is something I've always wanted to do. I've always wanted to enjoy running but never {ever, ever, ever} have but I finally bit the bullet and signed up!

This is my face after 1.1 miles and lifting this asshole a total of 5 times. I'm killing it in the exercise department, obviously. 

In the evening, my boyfriend had a date night at home. I cooked dinner for us and by cooked I mean I made breaded chicken and a salad for him {because I don't eat salad or meat... see, I like to keep it as unhealthy as possible around here} and heated up the rest of the leftovers I took home from his grandmother's so it was minimal effort on my part ;) 

I did make the rice though! {which he reluctantly ate...I swear I'm a decent cook}

On Saturday, I spent the day with my mom, grandma, and sister running errands for a surprise shower we're throwing for my cousin and one of my favorite people, ever. She and her husband have had a difficult time getting pregnant in the last few years so this pregnancy is such a blessing. I told her yesterday for mother's day that it's a good thing hearts expand {I know, ew kind of} because mine is filled to the absolute brim with love for this little peanut already. We're doing a nautical/sea ish theme since it's a gender neutral shower and because her family loves being on the water. I'm excited to share some photos of what we come up with since the shower is this Sunday! 

We also had to do some unrelated errands which means Trader Joe's for me. I've become thoroughly obsessed with Trader Joe's recently. I realize I'm late to the party but I'm here now and I'm here with a vengeance. I had to get some ingredients for the breakfast I was making my mother for mother's day and also flowers for the 800 mothers I know ;)

On Sunday, I made my momma breakfast in bed and then my siblings and I spent the morning lounging around in her room. These moments have been really special for me, especially lately, because I know they won't be like this forever. My sister is going away to college this year which I can't even talk about because I get too stupid emotional about and I know at some point it will become appropriate for me to move out, ugh, so I'm relishing these moments while they last. When my parent's were married my Dad always made a big deal about us making my mom breakfast in bed so when they got divorced I didn't want that to end just because he wasn't there to wake us up and help us do it so it was important for me to continue the tradition. 

I made eggs benedict because they're one of her favorites and roasted red potatoes {from Trader Joe's...where else?}. Later, I stopped by my boyfriend's because they were hosting mother's day this year and had an early dinner with them before going back home to have a late dinner with my family. Lost the belt I had on real quick yesterday. It was really nice being with his family this year because even though we've been dating for a while it hasn't been until this year that we've started to share holidays so this was nice. Plus, his cousins were there and I was able to spend time with them which I don't get to do often enough especially since one of them is getting married this October and has asked us both to stand up in her wedding! So it was fun talking about wedding updates and bachelorette party plans. It's looking like we may be taking a trip up to Michigan for a girl's weekend at the wineries which I'm very much looking forward to. 

All in all it was a productive and fun filled weekend. The next three weekends in May are completely booked which I enjoy but also causes me a little anxiety 'cause there's so much! But it's all good stuff. Looking forward to documenting it all on this little space of mine. 

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