Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Seasonal Goals {Autumn}

I used to attempt at monthly goals, and well, that shit went right out the window real quick. I tend to confuse daily/weekly/monthly tasks with goals but whenever I set a list of goals to complete each month it ends up feeling too overwhelming for me. *sigh* Maybe one day.

 So, I read on someone else's blog they had similar feelings about monthly goals (praise that woman) and decided to do seasonal goals which I promptly decided to rudely copy. 

So, here are some goals I'd like to accomplish, or at least make progress on, during September, October, & November:

- Lose more five pounds (minimum) 
I feel like that's setting myself pretty low so I hope I can achieve that. I've been really buckling down lately on watching what I'm eating and portion controlling everything (or mostly everything) and working out more so I'm hoping I can keep it up!

- Go apple picking
This has already been discussed with Sammy and I've already started researching places. This is happening. 

- Cook/bake at least 5 "fall" recipes from Pinterest
I'm no stranger to Pinterest and anyone who knows me knows how completely obsessed I am with the site. It's the greatest invention, ever. Ever. So, it goes without saying that I have quite a few pins and it isn't unusual for some of them to go "unused" so I would really love to utilize my fall recipe board and get some cooking & baking done! 

Like let me make this no bake pumpkin dessert. This looks so good, like punch myself in the face good.

- Finish wedding prep early
I'd like to finish some last minute wedding tasks for Sammy's cousin's wedding a little earlier than I normally would get it done. That's how I'm going to turn a task into a goal haha. I still need to pick jewelry to match my bridesmaid dress, pay for the bachelorette weekend, get a bachelorette party gift, etc,. 

- Carve pumpkins
Sammy and I do this every year and it's one of our holiday traditions I love to continue. 

- Watch a "scary" movie with Sammy
Sammy is always trying to get me to watch scary movies and while I could come up with logical arguments as to why it's stuuuupid to scare yourself for pleasure I'm just going to admit to being a baby. I to be scared and I get real dramatic about it (which I'm sure makes me the ideal scary movie watching partner...why does he hang out with me?) but maybe a half scary movie is a good goal/attempt?

Every time.

- Work hard & be proud
This will be my first Autumn with my company as an official employee (I started last Autumn as an intern there) and I really want to work hard this fall and turn out a lot of projects I can be proud of. I'd also like to help market our books in my free time because I'm so proud of our house and the stories we put out. 

- Complete 5k in October without walking the entire thing
I'm doing a color run with two of my girlfriends at the beginning of October and I'm hoping to lose some of my bitterness about running and just have fun with this run this time...and maybe not walk the entire thing ;)

- Buy an Autumn/Halloween themed children's book
It can get competitive in the business/sales/marketing world and in an attempt to market our own brand I sometimes forget that all publishing houses are in this together to put quality stories out there for children to enjoy. So, instead of being jealous of what other publishing houses are putting out (I see you, Random House) and boycotting them I've decided to start building my own children's book collection in support of other houses and the importance of getting children to read. 

I think this one about a witch who goes to the spa to relax after a busy Halloween looks adorable.

Every season I'd like to buy one book from a different house. There are so many gorgeous children's books out there to choose from! & one day, I'll have started a collection for my future children to enjoy which will be so special to me. 

- Finish Baby G's quilt
I started a cross stitch quilt for my cousin's baby before she was born and haven't gotten my shit together to make even a dent in it so I would love, love, love to have it finished by Christmas.

- Get back into a routine
It's really easy for me to get comfortable in a lazy routine which is exactly what I've done over the summer. I'm currently only working part-time but when school starts (next week...) I'll be so grateful it's only part-time because my school schedule this quarter is more hectic than it ever has been so I'd really love to get into a better routine that is going to be beneficial to me and allow me to be productive. This means getting into better sleeping, meal prep, studying, and work habits. Those are like all the habits for any basic human being so basically I need to revamp my life.

- Take at least three different classes at the gym & use the pool
I have trial membership at my mom and brother's gym for the month of September (and fully plan on using their guest passes every month after that) and they offer a hugely wide variety of classes there and I'd love to try a few different ones and also utilize the pool to switch my exercising up.


So there they are. Probably boring to most but I feel like this may hold me accountable! I like to mix festive with practical. Nothing like "watch a scary movie" as a goal to make you feel least like an adult as possible. 
Oh well. 

Hope everyone has had a great start to the new season!

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