Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Recap

Lots of odds and ends to take care of today (this includes a Target run which makes me psychotically happy) in preparation for the rest of the week. Before I dive into my meal planning and reading about sexuality and masquerade in eighteenth-century England (SO FUN RIGHT?!) let's do a little weekend recap-ing, shall we?

I spent Friday night watching chick flicks (aka sobbing during The Longest Ride and Message in a Bottle.. I'm over you Nicholas Sparks. I'm so over you, man) until Sammy stopped by and spent a little time with me, my brother, and my mom. So grateful for a low key day and night. Definitely needed it. 

On Saturday I went to Sammy's little league game with my parents, brother, and one of my girlfriends. We stopped at Quonset's in Waukegan for pizza before heading to the game. The poor littles lost but they played a strong game. Finally getting this football thing. Until I asked Sammy to explain strategy to me and realized I first needed to learn what a linebacker does... Progress is progress people. 

Spent the evening at Sammy's house relaxing and watching Rocky II, III, and IV. He's obsessed and I now have an appreciation for Sylvester Stallone (feminism aside, mostly his face and bod) so I deal. Plus I think he and Talia Shire are some of the cutest. & I confess to crying during every speech he gives at the end of every film. 


It was actually a great night of just chilling out and laughing. He even indulged me showing him 87 pins I, for some reason, thought he'd be interested in. He mostly said things like "oh yeah, cool a Christmas tree made from a tomato cage. You're right, that is genius". 

On Sunday, Sammy and I went to Conte di Savoia for lunch before heading to the United Center for Marvel Universe Live. Conte di Savoia is an old-school Italian deli and grocer. I absolutely love it there. We ordered Italian subs and an olive cheese salad and ate outside. We talked about how much we'd love to live near Taylor St. (which is Chicago's Little Italy) and how we'd go there to do shopping for the week or if we had our family over for Sunday dinner. It was a really nice afternoon.


The most handsome guy

And here we are as the only adults at this show without a child. We like to indulge each other's nostalgic side so this is an example of that. Another example of that is when I saw an advertisement for "Disney Celebrates 100 Years of Magic on Ice"! while waiting for the show to start and promptly looked up tickets. $20 for the win! He insists he's not going but I'm pretty sure he owes me ;) Ya gotta counteract all the adult shit with some fun stuff too, right?! 

A relaxing, but fun filled weekend. Hope everyone's was filled with less adult shit and more fun stuff. 

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