Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weekend Recap

Here we are again. The middle of the week and I'm just now getting to write my weekend recap post. I don't know why I act like this matters though. It isn't like people are waiting, holding their breaths, for my weekend recaps. 

I basically do this so when I'm old and senile I can remember what I did on the weekends when I was 23. If I can even use whatever technology people will be using when I'm old and senile. And if I even care. I'll probably be 90 and grumpy, and not caring, at all, about what I did in October when I was 23. Maybe someone else will care. Maybe my children will care. Doubt it. 

Anyway, I'll indulge my own narcism now and do a recap because one things for sure… I know I'll be 90 and narcissistic. 

On Friday, I spent the day running to Crate & Barrel (aka my favorite place on earth), getting a bunch of little things done around the house, and baking a pumpkin pie to bring to my girlfriend's for dinner. I was a little nervous at first, and obsessed with making those little pinched edges on my crust, but it ended up turning out really well and I was very pleased so I'll be keeping that recipe, for sure.


My girlfriend and her boyfriend just moved into their first place together so she wanted to host me, and all our girlfriends, for their first dinner in their new place. They've only been there for two weeks and the place looks amazing. I hate them. She even has fall decor up. Like even in the bathroom. And her boyfriend made homemade salsa for us. In a SALSA dish. Like who owns a salsa specific dish two weeks in? It's all witchcraft, people. 

We had bruschetta, zoodles in homemade sauce, and several glasses of wine. It was such a nice evening and their new home is so cozy and inviting. It makes me a little emotional to think about because this particular girlfriend is my oldest friend (she's the one at the head of the table, of course). I've known her since kindergarten so seeing her have a place of her own, and building a new life with her boyfriend, is so incredible to me. I'm so blessed to have been a part of her life for as long as I have and get to watch all that she's accomplished. She is truly my sister and before I start crying at my desk I will promptly shut the hell up. 

Saturday. Saturday was a busy day. The Homecoming game for Sammy's little league team was on Saturday morning and they won! So, that was awesome. Straight from there I had to run to the cleaners to get my bridesmaid dress altered for the wedding I'm in this weekend. Typical Alex fashion to wait till the last minute for something super important. Luckily, the seamstress at the cleaners is a goddess and told me it would be done in time, no problem. #blessed

Right after that I went home to change for a Color Run 5k I was doing with two of my girlfriends (they're in the picture up there!). It was kind of a shit show run. The weather was cold, blistery, and rainy and the course was in the worst location for a run, ever. We really weren't impressed at all. But we got to throw colored powder on each other which was entertaining. For like five minutes.

After the "run", I raced home so I could get ready at warped speed for dinner with Sammy and his family to celebrate his brother and SIL's anniversary. We went to Geno's East for pizza and then back to their house for champagne and cheesecake where they happened to also surprise us with the news that they got a puppy! Her name is Lucy and she's a chocolate lab mix they rescued from a shelter. She's so sweet and I've already asked if we can watch her when they go on a trip in the spring haha. 

After an exhausting Saturday I was looking forward to getting a little homework done on Sunday and just relaxing which is exactly what I did. I looked like this for most of the day:


 I'm trying to get through the rest of the work and school week while getting last minute errands done for the wedding this Saturday. We're officially in wedding mode people! Absolutely can not wait to celebrate this couple starting with the rehearsal dinner on Friday, ah! Can't believe the day is almost here.

Pictures definitely to come! 

Thanks for stopping by, xo

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