Thursday, October 8, 2015

Weekly Wardrobe

I hate the title of this post. I tried, for like five seconds, to come up with something more creative, and since we're coming up to the end of the week, and my brain is bordering at almost complete capacity, there was nothing surfacing better than to pair weekly with wardrobe. Sorry 'bout it. 

I love seeing people's round up of their outfits from the week because I could always use the inspiration for work. Since I commute to school right after I leave work I tend to gravitate toward outfits that aren't ridiculous to be on trains and walking in for several blocks at a time. This means if I wear a pair of mules or booties with a heel to work I typically will have a pair of sandals or flats in my purse to change into for later 'cause I've wrecked my feet from walking around too long in heels. I also have to wear a lot of layers (aka why I wear the same two jackets over and over) because I'm always in varying degrees of temperature either brisk mornings and warm afternoons and then freezing classrooms and chilly walks back to the train at night. 

Here are some of the outfits I put together over the last few weeks. I am not a fashion blogger although I am desperately in love with all things fashion. You'd never know based on how many elastic waists I wear on the daily but I do. Anyway, on to those elastic waists, and me trying to make leggings work appropriate, which I probably shouldn't do, but girlfriend likes to eat and she needs a waistband that expands, thank you. 

Olive utility jacket from Old Navy (where literally all my clothes are form 'cause it's my favorite), paisley print blouse from H&M (also a huge favorite), thicker leggings, and driving loafers from Target

This is all from Old Navy. Even the sandals. 

Thin trench coat is from Forever21, blue bottom down from H&M, leggings from Old Navy, quilted knee boots from Hautelook, & the pashmina is from a trip to NYC

Not sure what the hell happened to this picture, but anyway.. trench from Forever21, sweater, leggings, and booties are all Old Navy, and my scarf was a gift from H&M

Trench, again, from Forever21, printed blouse is from Old Navy, and these palazzo pants are my life. They're from The Limited and they're amazing. They are super wide legged and look amazing with heels but also amazing without them. Incredibly flattering and can be dressed way up or way down. 

I'm realizing just how much more awkward I am taking selfies than I thought. Didn't think I could get more awkward, and yet, here is the evidence. Also, there is one pair of pants with an actual button in this round up. One. Proud of it. 

Anyway, I hope this served as a little inspiration for some. I just love looking at people's OOTD posts and outfit round ups so I thought I'd jump out of my comfort zone a little and do one of my own. 

Back tomorrow for Five on Friday!

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