Tuesday, November 17, 2015


The crickets are getting loud over here. I am elbows deep in finals this week through the beginning of next week. This is my first finals week(s) that I'm working during the day, and don't have as much time available to study or write papers, so I'm getting a little frantic trying to figure out when to fit everything in. I got a lot done yesterday and last night, so I'm hoping my last exam goes well tonight, and I can get to the research paper and grammar paper I have to write for next week. 

For now, I thought I'd do a "currently" post as a creative outlet in between the restoration 18th century drama research and the nominative absolutes. Back to regular programming here soon. Hopefully.


smelling: Chance by Chanel 
making: a comp title spreadsheet
wearing: DKNY sweater and leggings (because it's rare for me to not be in an elastic waist)
cooking: mashed potatoes later this week for our Friendsgiving on Friday!
watching: not much (besides The Golden Girls every night before bed) because it's finals week and I have no timeeee. 
wanting: winter break! 
loving: how close we are to Thanksgiving and Christmas!
wishing: for good final grades and a peaceful break.
reading: A bunch from Mindy Kaling, to Anne Lamott, to David Foster Wallace.

All for now. Thanks for sticking around. 


  1. This doesn't make me miss being a student AT ALL! Good luck on all your finals!

    1. It's starting to get old that's for sure haha. Thank you!!

  2. Golden Girls never disappoints! And so much yes to the elastic waist, I've begun to loathe the idea of wearing jeans.

    1. Ah, I love that you also appreciate The Golden Girls! They're my fav. & seriously. Although, I did just buy a pair from Old Navy that are extremely forgiving, flattering, and stretchy so if I MUST wear jeans… it'll be those haha.