Friday, November 20, 2015

Five on Friday

It has been one of those weeks. There's been a lot of stress, worry, and sadness about my own (selfish) stuff and for the world. I haven't even been able to go on social media much this week, especially Facebook, where it seems my feed has been commandeered by political and religious posts of all sorts. It's been overwhelming, and frustrating, but mostly sad. 

Praying for our world and our people much harder this week. After all, we are all one together, as not much separates us from one another. 

Hoping to lighten the mood a little with this Five on Friday round up list…

One // A Superbowl Win!

Sammy's little league won their Superbowl last weekend! It was such a fun game to watch and the kids were so excited to have won. The coaches were a little excited as well ;)


Yay sports! Yay girlfriends who put up with them! ;)

Two // Home Alone Recap

I've mentioned it several times here on the blog, so #sorrynotsorry for the repetition, but anyone who knows me knows how much I love Home Alone, so when it was announced they were bringing it to the theaters for its anniversary this year I bought tickets immediately. Not only is it my favorite Christmas movie, but it's also on the list of my top five favorite movies of all time. Seriously. I love it that much. 


It was only playing on a Sunday night so Sammy and I had an unusual Sunday date night which ended up being so nice. We should do them more often. *mental note*

We had a quick dinner at Pei Wei, did a little impromptu Christmas shopping in the stores around the theatre, and then met friends for the movie! Ironically, we had seen Home Alone in theaters last year when we took our annual Christmas trip, and they happened to be playing it for free in their local movie theatre, but seeing it on the big screen never gets old, so we were thrilled to see it again. Thank God Sammy loves the movie almost as much as I do otherwise I would be insufferable (like more than usual). Also, I wore my sweatshirt that says "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal" on it. I also have it in a long sleeve shirt. Told ya. Obsessed. 

Three // Jen & Alex Day

Jen is my closest friend from undergrad. I talk to her almost every day and she quite literally saved my life. Okay, that's a little dramatic, but also not entirely far off. I met Jen during the first year I decided to start commuting to school (as opposed to living on campus). I was going through a tough time feeling like I wasn't living the "college life" by living at home, missing out on a lot because all the friends I had made my first year had gotten apartments and seemed to have it all figured out, and honestly, commuting is kind of an isolating experience. I've grown to love it now because I appreciate the alone time to sit and put my headphones in and just chill for that part of my hectic day, but before I got used to it I was decently lonely. 

We had taken a writing workshop together, and every time she walked into class I used to get slightly annoyed because she always looked so put together, and I always looked like I gave zero shits, but we talked one day after class and the rest is history. She made coming to school so much more enjoyable for me. I always have someone to vent to about the writing process, school, and everything else in life. She's one of those friends that once you met them you wonder how you did life without them. And that's the romantic history of Jen & Alex ;) I know that was long, but she means a lot to me, and I don't tell her enough, so Jen, if you're reading this… thanks for everything, Knope. 

Anyyyyway, we have a tradition on the last day of classes that we see each other where we go to the sandwich shop on campus that makes a sandwich called "The Pilgrim", which has turkey, stuffing, mayo, and cranberries on it (one of the only times I eat meat during the year), and it's incredible. Then we walk twenty minutes to the Bath & Body Works and buy over priced candles, and then stop at Starbucks before class to get some kind of festive, also over priced drink (although Jen gets a discount which she lets me use soooo also why she's great ;) ). 

It's one of my favorite days during the holidays and one I hope we can continue even when we're not in school anymore as long as she stays in Chicago. You hear that Jen? STAY IN CHICAGO. 

Alright, enough obsessing about Jen.

Four // Finals

As if I haven't mentioned it enough finals week is this week. Luckily I have most of this list completed and am coming up to the tail end of it all. Last night, as I was complaining like a brat, I tried to do what I've trained myself to do when I start to worry or get anxious, which is to "interrupt worry with gratitude", so while I was complaining about my research paper I have to finish I reminded myself that this is probably the last academic paper I will ever write. Like ever. Which was kind of a bittersweet moment for me. I feel like that's super nerdy. Like really nerdy. But I was sufficiently less stressed after realizing that and had new motivation for getting it done. I keep saying that once I'm done forever in June I will definitely miss school, so I'm trying to hold on to some of this as long as I can. 

Five // Friendsgiving

Tonight, we're having a Friendsgiving at Chelsie's house and I'm very excited to sit back and eat, with a glass of wine, and chat with some of my favorite people. I'm in charge of bringing the mashed potatoes, which I'm stupidly pumped about, as well as pumpkin pie dip as a dessert. I'm also bringing cranberries even if I'm the only one who eats them because bitches love cranberries.

 I am seriously so blessed and I love moments like these to relish in all of those blessings. 


This weekend is going to be packed, packed, packed with stuff. All good stuff though, so I'm looking forward to it all. 

I hope your weekend is packed with all good things and blessings. 

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