Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Halloween & my birthday! {2015}

Halloween? But Alex, we all just celebrated Thanksgiving. I know, I know, and if I were you I'd skip right over this post as well since I have a strict rule about keeping holidays during their respective time frames (like Christmas in July? How dare you. Keep Christmas in December where it belongs), but since I never got around to recapping our Halloween I wanted to document it here.

So, this week shall be named the Week of Recaps since I also want to recap my birthday as well as Thanksgiving. 

Getting into the recap...

This year for Halloween Sammy and I went back and forth on whether or not we would stay home or go out with friends. Since I wanted to stay home from the get go I was thrilled when some of the plans our friends had fell through "which forced us to stay home" ;) 

I mentioned on the blog that I wanted to make a couple festive food items so I headed over to Pinterest, which is my obsession, and got a few ideas. 

I did nachos (half with steak for Sammy and half without for me) complete with sour cream spider web and fake spider. I also made mini cheeseburgers for Sammy and cheese pizza rolls for me since we're all about that high caloric life.

For dessert I did mini caramel apples which were a pain in ass and barely turned out (I had to make a caramel dipping sauce for them since the caramel wouldn't stick to the actual apple). I also made Halloween funfetti brownies since Sammy loves funfetti and brownies and I love anything with a holiday touch. He ate them despite them being rock hard. Bless his heart. And then those stupid ass cookies the sell at every store for every holiday which he also loves. I ate none of this. Except one disappointing apple.

This was our little set up. I grabbed the festive napkins and straws from the $1 section at Target. God. Bless. It. and we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas because I had never seen it (still not a fan) and Willy Wonka because it's a classic (a HUGE fan). I also made a sparkling apple cider sangria which was so delicious. 

I also made "Harvest Trail Mix" which was supposed to have Bugles in it but I couldn't find them at Target so I replaced them with goldfish because goldfish are bomb. 


Since I still wanted to be somewhat festive I grabbed these onesies at Target and this Marvel family went DC for Halloween this year. Felt like a traitor but whatever. I felt more festive passing out candy to the five kids that stopped by my house (like what happened to all the children? We never get any trick-or-treaters anymore). Also, I was so comfortable all night. Onesies are great. 

My brother happened to be wearing a Joker onesie he was going to wear when he went out with his friends when Sammy came over so I made them take a picture together since their costumes actually matched.

And we spent the night eating, watching movies, and cuddling with this little man as we do many nights. 

For dessert I made oreo hot chocolate (with the orange Halloween oreos of course) because clearly I have a death wish.


And at some point during the evening I got these photos of my cousin's child as a giraffe and I was rendered catatonic as a result of the cuteness. Look at this face. I can't. 

So, the next day was my birthday! I started out by going to breakfast with my parents and my brother (my sister was out of town) and my aunt actually met us as well which was so nice.

One of Sammy's little league playoff games ended up falling on my birthday, so when I got home from breakfast I headed over to the field to watch the game (where they won, of course) and got to see friends and some of Sammy's family.

Sammy's brother and SIL came with their new puppy Lucy! She's so cute & I was so glad I captured this family picture of them. 

After the game I went home to change and then Sammy picked me up to spend a little time together alone. We got smoothies and walked around the outdoor mall where I got some Sephora goodies and where we were meeting the rest of my family to see a movie later. 


Got a Christmas sneak peak at Crate & Barrel (my favorite store ever) and my little Sephora haul there. I got two new Sephora facial masks and have tried one already and loved it. They're only $5 a piece which is ridiculously cheap at Sephora. I also got the Origins Miracle Plus Moisturizer. I'm such a lover of Origins and after trying a sample of that product I knew I needed it as part of my skin care regimen. I also grabbed the Clinique "Take Off the Day" makeup remover which I love and the Becca liquid highlight in the travel size area near the register which is where my credit card goes to die. I also got two NARS lip crayons as my birthday perk. 

Going to the movies is one of my very favorite things to do so I knew that would be a fun way to spend part of the day. We saw The Intern and I liked it a lot! I like Nancy Meyers a lot so I knew I'd like it. 

After the movie we all came back to my house and had dinner at home. I asked for pasta (HUGE shock) and told my family they could make whatever else they wanted because I would only be eating things made of carbs on my birthday. 

My mother turns it outttt every year with the princess decor for my dinner ;)


My gift from Sammy also included some princesses ;) He got me several fall candles cause the boy knows where it's at. Two more Disney movies for my collection, a Cinderella charm for my Pandora bracelet (it's a heart and one side are small little blue stone sparkles and the other side says "a dream is a wish your heart makes"), and three tickets to Disney on ice because we had promised my cousin we'd take her youngest to go see it and also so we wouldn't look like weirdo adults alone at a children's event like we did during the Marvel show but also because she's the greatest kid ever and I can't wait.

I also got some great books as pictured above and now have about 78 books I'm currently "reading". 

We sat around the table and had dinner, pumpkin pie for dessert (my fav!), and I opened some gifts before the night came to an end. It felt like a relaxing day even though I got to do a lot and see a lot of people which was so nice. My birthday is always a huge reminder of how seriously blessed I am. 

That weekend was such a nice couple of days and ones I want to remember so I'm grateful I have this space to document little details. Like love, and family, and pumpkin pie. 



  1. I'm not a huge movie fan, but I really enjoyed The Intern too! That snack mix looks super tasty! I haven't seen bugles in Canada in years, I wonder if they've been discontinued? I'll have to investigate next time I'm at the grocery store. Goldfish never disappoint, they are one of my go to quick and satisfying snacks!

    1. They definitely still have bugles here 'cause my uncle buys them all the time haha but they didn't have them at Target for whatever reason. & yes, they are SO good!