Thursday, December 24, 2015

{an early} Five on Friday!

I didn't want to miss out on Five on Friday this week but since Christmas (!!!!!) falls on Friday I wasn't sure if the link up was being hosted or not, so I'm posting early on Thursday since I have some random Christmas related pictures on my camera roll to cap off the days leading up to Christmas!

One // office gifts & cards

I work with some of the kindest people ever. Seriously. I got so many cute gifts this year in the form of chocolate, candy, an espresso mug, and a whole foods gift card. not to mention the extremely generous gift our President and VP give us every year.

I may have mentioned that I currently don't have a desk haha. We're getting ready to move into an entirely new space where we're all getting new desks and areas and such so for the time being I've been stationed in our library which is why those shelves have so many books on them haha. I still wanted to display all my holiday cards from coworkers so I put them up anyway ;) I also got such a surprise last week when one of our authors personally sent me a holiday card and the cutest winter stamps and ink to send snail mail with. It made my whole week!

Two // DIY sugar scrub


Like I mentioned, my coworkers are so generous so I knew I wanted to give them something thoughtful as well. I found a recipe for peppermint sugar scrub (since I already had the peppermint essential oil), used the printables found here, bought all my supplies at Target, and got to work. I think they turned out really cute! & because it's only sugar, coconut oil, and peppermint essential oil they're super easy to make. I probably made each jar for $4.  

Three // Anthony's birthday!


My brother's birthday was Wednesday! His birthday is so close to Christmas that I always associate it with the holiday which adds more excitement to the season. He turned 22 which is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life. Although he can be a pain in the ass little brother typical type he's also one of the most generous and thoughtful men I know. He makes me laugh like no one else can and I am so glad I was given a brother because I got a best friend out of it as well.

Four // random shots of various Christmas trees!


Some paws & a brother on his iphone


A doggie head and momma the night we decorated


Our office tree & our department's book tree!

Five // white elephant office party

We had our white elephant party at work on Monday and it was hilarious and so fun. The office has been buzzing this week with a different energy than normal with the impending holiday coming up and it's been fun seeing people let a little loose. I ended up with my closest coworker's gift and she ended up with mine which we loved haha. I got salt and pepper shakers that look like a fairy godmother's magic wand and I could not be more excited to use them. 

Like omg magic food ;) Using them at Christmas, no doubt. 


I can't wait for the next few days! I'm so looking forward to all the food, family, and the giving!
Wishing you and all your loved ones good health, peace, and all the very best magic the holiday brings. 
Merry Christmas!

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