Friday, December 4, 2015

Five on Friday! {Holiday Edition}

I want to throw Christmas confetti all around me right now. Like everywhere I go, just throw a pocket full of that shit everywhere. 
The music is on a constant loop, the Pinterest boards are being filled, money is leaving my bank accounts at an alarming rate, and I'm wearing some kind of festive garment every single day. 


In honor of capping off the first week of the holiday season I'd like to do festive themed "Five on Friday" post of decor items. One of the only things I am looking forward to about moving out (I'm a homebody who's obsessed with her mom, so I could stay here forever #sorryboutit) is having my own space to decorate for the holidays. I fully intend to go HAM on decorating for each and every holiday in the nicest, most classiest way of course ;) and Christmas will be "the Silver Tuna" as Harry says. I simply can not wait. 

I think decor makes a huge difference in one's overall holiday experience. It creates such a warm, cozy, and magical ambiance in each room. I'll be sharing some inspiration for decor this holiday season you could incorporate into different rooms of your home. Or the same rooms! The red festive fondue set you found at Crate & Barrel in your bedroom? Get it, girl. 

One // The cozy stuff

I love a good candle because they add such warmth to a room with their glow. Mine have to either be super clean smelling or warm and musky. Kind of like a freshly clean man coming out of the shower. Get me that candle. 

Currently I'm burning Frosted Cranberry which is lovely and not overtly sugary smelling and I can't wait to burn my Mahogany Balsam candle which should be renamed "Mahogany Man Out of the Shower Covered in Balsam" candle because that's what it smells like. A man in balsam. 

-pillows, throws, & sheets-
I'm obsessed with the throw pillows and blankets from Target this season. That store has never disappointed me a day in my life. I would love to grab a few (especially the one with the deer driving the station wagon like come on), throw them on my bed, and save them for when I have my own space.

// found here //
I love the idea of laying a throw over a couch or chair to add that extra element of texture, color, and warmth to a room.

I picked up a set of Target's "holiday flannel sheets" last year. They're a dark gray with white pine trees all over. I love them, they're so pretty, and I love that I can use them after holidays since they're more wintery than Christmasy. 
// found here //
But I wouldn't mind having an ultra festive set like these ones. Just not for the Pottery Barn price.
// found here //
-the attire- 

I'm an advocate of all things fleece and elastic waist, preferably together, and no better time to dress cozy in your fleece sweaters and pants you ordered two sizes larger than you are for "comfort" (anyone else? just me?) than during the holidays. 

I was introduced to this shop while reading Little Baby Garvin one of my very favorite blogs who happened to be doing a collab with them. The site is called SaSea and once I got a glimpse at their holiday attire (for babies and adults) I lost my mind. I knew I had to have one of their sweatshirts to wear every day which I have been doing proudly since receiving it earlier this week. 

// found here //
I'm obsessed with the calligraphy on it and the red color. I don't own a lot of red but I love how festive I feel when I wear it. I just think this is so pretty. Also, and perhaps most importantly, I've never owned a softer sweatshirt in my life. I kid you not. And I pride myself on knowing good fleece from bad fleece and there is no comparison to how soft this is. It's unreal. Check out her shop!

Two // The house

Ya'll know my obsession with Home Alone by now, so it should come as no surprise that the Home Alone house is my everything and more. It is the epitome of everything I hope to have in life as well as in Christmas decor. It's perfectly done and while I doubt I'll be able to afford million dollar home (girl can dream though) I plan to use it as inspiration. 


#flashbackfriday to when Sammy & I saw this beauty in person.

I have an obscene amount of houses pinned for future inspiration ;) and although I love white lights I'm actually partial to mixing colored lights outside as well because I think it creates an unbeatable warmth. I love when houses look like little gingerbread houses in colored lights. 

Three // The tree

As Sammy has been getting further in the hiring process at several different police departments I've been looking at apartments and small home in those areas and the first thing I look for in a home (beyond the curb appeal) is the entry way and if there's space for Christmas tree next to a garland wrapped staircase. How obnoxious is that? Very. BUT necessary ;) And while it would be one of several trees in our home I think it's such a nice thing for guests to see as they enter.


Seriously, it is one of the first things I notice in a home. It wouldn't be a deal breaker in our first place but I would really love and hope to find a beautiful entry way that could fit a Christmas tree, next to a staircase little feet will run down on Christmas morning in our forever home.

Four // The kitchen

Food is life and food is even better during the holidays. My favorite place to look for festive kitchen, bake, and serving ware? Crate & Barrel, of course.
// found here //
I love the idea of a North Pole cookie stamp. The porcelain measuring cups would be so fun to pull out 
during the holiday baking season. & that snowflake pancake griddle needs to be in my life yesterday.

I'm also loving this reindeer server, cute snowman milk bottles, and those "joy" dessert plates with the jingle bell napkin holders. Like how do people not buy all the things?!

Their Hanukkah collection is really beautiful too. I especially love the Star of David votive and the dreidel porcelain platter.

Five // The books 

I'm a big advocate of decorating with books. I love seeing stacks of festive titles on coffee or end tables. Here's a little round up of a few holiday titles.

// found here // 
// found here //

// found here //

I know this featured a lot of Christmas decor and inspiration but I will try to incorporate other elements of other holidays in posts to come! I'm always afraid of doing a disservice to cultures I'm not fully familiar with, or holidays I don't personally celebrate, but I love learning about them, so I will do my best!

Regardless what you celebrate I hope everyone has a beautiful holiday season together. 


  1. Frosted Cranberry always smells like Christmas. And that pillow...with the reindeer and the tree and the station wagon = amazing!!