Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sporty Weekending

I haven't done a weekend recap in a while and it feels good sitting down to write one! This weekend was filled with a lot of sport related and Christmas related activities. I suppose we can all guess which I preferred. No? Well it's the Christmas activities. The answer is Christmas activities. Although, I do have to say I got pretty into some sporting events this weekend, but Christmas trumps everything in my book anyway, so I suppose that wasn't really a fair comparison. ;)

Here's a photo dump of my weekend! 

Starting with a Friday off, sleeping in, and snuggling with this handsome guy. 

Picking out my momma's Christmas tree followed by dinner at a local diner. 

Some shopping for our Christmas Angels on Saturday which also included a Christmas sweater for Ben. Perhaps you can tell by the psychotic look in his eye that he was not feeling this sweater one bit.

A little league "end of the season" football party later that night.

Where I got teary eyed during this guy's speech and ate many handfuls of Doritos. 

Just about the cutest little league coach there ever was. 

A very last minute Chicago Bears game on Sunday afternoon.

I was in it for the nachos. 

Where I took the 57th photo I have of Sammy mid bite. He loves them so much!! ;)

Followed by some Christmas tree decorating Sunday evening.

She turned out pretty lovely. 

Strung some colored lights in my room. Eventually these will be moved back to my windows, but I got lazy when they wouldn't stay where I wanted them too, so I took them down, and threw them on my bed frame. 

One does not pass up $20 tickets when you find them, so a last minute Chicago Bulls game on Monday night capped off my long weekend. The Bulls are so fun to watch. NBA > NFL any day.

This time, popcorn.

In his happiest of all places. 

My favorite to go to games with. 

Such a nice weekend filled with good deeds, holiday traditions, and games (even if both Chicago teams lost. Ah, the struggle of being a Chicago sports fan)!

Hope everyone's weekends were filled with lots of warmth and light!

Thanks Biana for hosting the weekending linkup!


  1. That popcorn looks yummy! I can't imagine sitting through a real life NFL game (although I'd sooner that than baseball!) there's just something about football I don't get. I think football fans are fascinating and football culture is crazy and kind of cool but I'm not sure if I could really enjoy a game. I would happily attend an NHL game though so maybe it's just my Canadian showing! :P

    1. Definitely your Canadian showing haha 'cause hockey is definitely notttt my favorite sport haha. I can't follow that damn puck! But football is not my thing either. I don't understand the sport that well haha although I loved watching the young kids Sammy coaches play so much. Some how I was able to follow the game better with little ones haha. But baseball is actually my favorite EVER haha but maybe that's just my American showing ;)