Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday!

Ah, a whole linkup dedicated to Pinterest finds?! I'm so happy I found you. I can't wait to see what everyone else is pinning/inspired by right now!

Thanks to Jessi and Jenn for hosting!


Lately my Pinterest feed has been filled with nothing but festive recipes, holiday decor, gift guides, and seasonal outfit inspiration and it could not be giving me more life.

My most recent pins are all Christmas related and I couldn't be happier about it...even if half of them are for the children and house I don't have yet ;)

How cute is this hot chocolate bar?! For all those Christmas parties I'm hosting ;) 
One day, people. One day. I'll show everyone how great my hot chocolate bar is. 


 I pin cute DIY gift ideas all the time and then never make them! But I'll stress over how much money I'm spending on gifts constantly. Like why, Alex?


Clearly this is for scaring the shit out of my children when they open their lunch boxes at school. Like are googly eyes ever not creepy? But at least I'll be the festive mom!!! ;)


 Because is there anything better than this face?


 This is called reindeer crunch and I want to eat it every day of December. Reindeer crunch? Come on. Obsessed. 


So gorgeous. I can't. 
But really, can't, because there's a slim chance I'll ever look this put together. 


 If my house ever looks like this during a party I have thrown I will never leave. Like you can all come to me because my house is too stunning to go anywhere else. I have french toast sticks in little cups. Don't even bother me. 


Follow me on Pinterest if you want to see the pins that haunt my dreams and force me to set up unrealistic standards for my future! ;) Just kidding because I'll have little french toast sticks in maple syrup cups every Christmas. Mark my words. Nothing unrealistic about it. ;)