Monday, January 11, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been all about taking life day by day. There have been a lot of changes to daily life in the last week and "take it day by day" has been my mantra in getting through it all. Nothing overtly crazy or dramatic but since I have a habit of making everything overtly crazy and dramatic it's been kind of overwhelming for me. I'm dealing though! & they're all changes that will only lead to good things, so I'm staying as positive as possible. 

Here's a photo dump of life lately...

Winter quarter started this week. LAST. WINTER. QUARTER. EVER. I know I keep saying I'm going to miss school when it's over, and I definitely will, but I won't miss commuting in our Chicago winters. 

The course load has proved to be way more involved than I thought it was going to be, so the above picture accurately depicts how I have been feeling lately.

A few weeks ago I received the sweetest package from Donna who I had the pleasure of getting to know over the holidays during the Blogging Elite holiday meet up. I enjoyed getting to know her so much and looked forward to receiving her emails every week! She sent me the cutest "A" ornament, scrapbooking items for a beginner like me (!), peppermint tea, her favorite YA novel to add to my collection, and mini notebooks for blogging. I've been using everything she gave me especially in the last week with school starting {especially the tea since I think I'm getting sick… I'm having a cup right now!}. Thanks again, Donna! I love everything. 


Earlier this week Sammy and I went to another Bulls game and had the best time. These tickets were a Christmas gift from my mom to Sammy and they definitely didn't disappoint. 

We started off by having dinner at Ricobene's on the south side and we were pleasantly surprised!

I got a slice of spinach & mushroom deep dish and Sammy got their breaded steak sandwich with hot giardiniera and cheese. 

I of course love the signage ;)

We sat front row which was an awesome experience. We even saw ourselves on the screen a few times haha. We got there when the doors opened so we got the giveaway which a jersey {Sammy also walked away with a few other freebies which is his favorite thing ever, so he was a happy guy}! 

The Bulls won which is the first time I've seen them win at a game before, so that was long overdue and awesome. Bulls games are my favorite with this guy. 

This week marked the start of working out at work! A few weeks ago I signed up for the membership, and got my pass, so I started going after work before I catch my train to go to class. I've actually liked adding it to my routine, so I hope it lasts! 

On Friday, Sammy traded in his '99 Pontiac for a new Ford Fusion! He was so excited. He definitely needed a more reliable car for all the driving he's going to be doing on the weekends back and forth from the academy. 

& I mourned via snapchat about losing my BFF. It's so silly to admit but I actually got emotional when we left this baby behind. We've had so many memories with this car {he drove us to prom in it!} that it felt sad letting it go, but the new car will give us new and exciting adventures. 

Later that night we went out with Sammy's family to Brava! to celebrate him starting the academy! I got campanelle in a spicy tomato cream sauce with shrimp and it was prettayyy good. 


On Saturday, Sammy and I spent the day at his grandparents' house with his brother, SIL, cousins, and aunt. We all learned to "make the sausage" as they say even though we don't actually make the sausage as much as we section it off and hang it. 

Sammy's grandparents have this crazy awesome pantry in their basement where his grandpa has nailed in so many hooks for the sausage {and other meats} to hang from. They also store all their homemade sauce, pasta, and other things down there.


They also hung sobrassada {which is like a hardened salami but way, way better} and capicola. All the meat has to hang to dry for about three weeks and then the family distributes it among the individual families. 


While Sammy's grandpa watched over the sausage business his grandma was in the kitchen making pizza for lunch. This was also where Christina and I keep sneaking cheese ;)

In her element!
 I asked if she would teach me how to make her pizza because it was so good I can't stand not knowing how to make it myself. 

All of us girls & nonno! 

I love that Sammy's grandpa has taught him how to do this because even though I doubt eat it I still had a lot of fun having Sammy teach me and I know he'll love teaching his children one day. I fully plan to have a pantry like this in our future home! 

I snapped this the night Sammy told me he got accepted into the academy last month :)
I spent a lot of this week soaking up as much of Sammy as I could. I'm so glad he'll be home every weekend but I've missed him a lot so far since we aren't able to talk while he's in training during the week {I've already written him a letter though! Don't you worry. I'm playing this thing like it's 1942}. I'm in awe of him all the time and everything he puts himself through to get where he wants to be in his career. Can't wait to squeeze him on Friday!


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