Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Spring Awakening - 2018

One of the the things I've repeatedly written about on this little blog of mine is my love of spring, or more specifically, the time just before spring officially starts. It's the magic time, like Christmas Eve, where anticipation is bubbling under the surface. 

I've also written about how the winter season really starts to drag on my soul by the end of February, especially when those winter temps extend into March. I'm not afraid of the cold, I dare say I even like it on most days, but after awhile the dreariness paired with temps under thirty degrees gets me down.

And every year I fear these thoughts will be read as overt complaining or a lack of self-awareness in that life for me isn't all that bad, which I fully recognize and give gratitude toward every day. But the fact remains that winter, by the end, pulls me through the symbolic snow of it's path and it's Spring--that beautiful reawakening--that picks me up.

By Easter I'm left feeling so inspired and productive and well which carries me into the beautiful days of early summer.

During this Eve, the magic time, I like to make a list of all things that are going to be changing or "reawakening" this time of year. As a person who has resisted change for most of her life, this allows me to properly give thanks for and appreciate change and new things. 

I have a feeling this year, more than years past, is about to bring the most change. And finally I am excited and embracing and full.

I wasn't expecting it this early in the year, but this spring may bring us a new house. We've already learned the lesson of taking the plunge when you love something because it could be gone the next day... because exactly that happened. Who knows what will happen in the upcoming months or weeks or days. We do know that the market is crazy right now, so we're prepared to move forward with as much craziness as two inherent control-freak planners can muster ;)

If this spring does bring us a house, it will also bring us a dog, I can be sure of that because I will incessantly bother Sammy about it until I have my Golden Retriever following me all around the house. Although with my luck, she'll end up loving Sammy more and follow him around. 

This spring is also the catalyst for many, many celebrations of wonderful new beginnings. Two bridal showers, a baby shower, and a bachelorette weekend, with many more celebrations to follow in early summer. I can hardly wait. 

On a personal note, I hope I continue to see improvement weight/body-wise. I started typing this as "I hope I start to see..." and forced myself to delete. I've lost about seven pounds so far since restarting this journey at the beginning of February but am continuously disappointed that I haven't lost more when in reality, seven pounds is pretty damn good for one month of work. It means I'm almost halfway to my initial first leg goal of this weight loss journey (which is two lose twenty pounds by the first wedding I'm in at the end of June) which makes things feel more achievable. So I need to stop saying "start" when I've already started. Continuation is the ultimate goal and I'm pushing forward.

I'm starting to feel the inspiration that comes forth as spring approaches and I'm hoping to harness it in order to start working on some personal creative endeavors, whatever I decide they might be. 


Whatever spring brings, I'm willing and open to accepting. I've done the ceremonial swapping of the flannel sheets for jersey ones, and I'm ready. 

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