Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, peeps! 
Wasn't thrilled to start mine out by being on the phone with Bank of America for almost an hour *insert eye roll emoji* but happy it's the weekend regardless. On to the favorites...

Been living and breathing for Christmas Keepsake week on Hallmark Channel. For someone who  defiantly refused to watch Hallmark moves, I sure have turned a new leaf. I'm totally obsessed. October 26th can't come soon enough ;) 

Getting swirl cones from The Freeze with my dad...a definite favorite.

Forever living for Jason Reynolds's brilliant mind. Even his Instastories are genius.

My mom helped us out at the fair this week by making this cake super last minute for the local morning news show that was stopping by Wednesday morning when the fair opened. How cute is this?!

And then it was on TV! ;)

I'm reading The Inner Circle right now and really digging it. It's a little outside my reading comfort zone but is giving me serious National Treasure vibes which is my j.a.m.

This guy has had the craziest work week. Having to go in on his day off to interview a child, a random undercover night shift, special training today, etc. I don't know how he does it. Anyway, because of his unconventional schedule, he hasn't been in full uniform for part of this week, but every look is so good and I had to mention it as a favorite ;)

Not to sexualize men by any means, but...the uniform truly never gets old.

In between barely getting any sleep and taking care of me on Monday when I was sick, he somehow found time to paint our bathroom and bedroom *praise hands*

It's a purply gray but definitely looks more purple in artificial light. I don't mind the purply accent in the bathroom because it feels very calming to me which is such a relief after all that bright yellow.

Same color in our bedroom and you can see how different it looks in different lighting. Definitely more gray. He's totally done with it now and I'm obsessed. I feel like I can breathe now in there! ;)

We have our standing mirror and lamp shipping to us as we speak, and I have my girlfriend designing something for us to hang over our bed which I'm the most excited for. Will definitely post when the room is a little more put together.

I ordered this gem from Amazon and a ficus from Wayfair to complete our loft. Can't wait to get them in the room!

Another day, another Hallie Meyers Shyer tablescape screenshot I won't ever be able to recreate.

I grabbed this "Giget" Free People shirt when they were having 50% off their sale items last week. Totally obsessed with it. So soft and comfy, and for less than $15, you can't beat it.

And to begin the healthy habits portion of this post...Diet Coke for breakfast is my guilty pleasure favorite ;)

And so are foot long corndogs from the fair.

My dad and spent a few hours in our division last night at the fair and I'll be spending most of the day and night on Saturday there as well as Sunday to break it all down. 

My dad and I get together every week for dinner and they're always good, but lately, they've been so, so good. I feel so privileged to spend time with him. He's just the best human I know.

That's all for me! Like I said, I'll be at the fair all weekend (planning on getting a bunch of reading in and maybe some writing done during the slow periods), but I'm looking forward to some quality time with Sammy tonight :) 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Yay for county fair season! I’ve yet to get any true fair food or ride a ride just yet. Tonight is my night.
    I almost bought is bought that top and now I regret not doing so! Also, wahoo for painted walls. Have a great weekend.

    1. You gotta get some! I didn't feel great afterward haha but it's still a must.

      Ugh the shirt is so good. I'm going to be wearing it every week, I'm sure.

      YES, painted walls are so satisfying haha.

      You too, lady!

    2. Holler at me if it goes on sale again. :)

  2. That cake turned out so cute! Also, thanks for the book recommendation - I'm always up for a new read! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

    1. I'm currently reading YOUR book recommendation--ha! Really liking it so far!