Monday, September 10, 2018

Weekend Recap

It has been a week, friends. I feel like I'm running on fumes a little bit, but I'm also grateful that the Universe has been working in my favor today and making this Monday back at work not so terrible at all. 

We had funeral services for Sammy's grandpa at the end of last week, so my work week was a short two-day week being in the office on Tuesday and Wednesday. The services were even more draining than I thought they would be, but they were a lovely tribute to a wonderful human. 

We got home late on Friday night after the funeral and ran to a 24-hr store because we needed a few things in the house after not being home that much over the last two weeks. PLUS we needed stuff for Henry ;) 

We came home and got our shit together. I packed up all Henry's "supplies" so we'd be ready to leave early the next morning.

Had to take a screenshot the next morning of my home screen because we were bringing Henry home TODAY.

I drove down there and, despite Sammy thinking I'm the slowest driver known to man, we made it down in around three hours to get our guy.

We tried to snuggle on the way home but someone was too alert...

So midway through the trip home, we stopped for a bathroom break, and Henry and I moved to the backseat so he could sit in a laundry basket and sleep for 10 seconds and wake up over and over again for the next hour and a half ;)

He learned sit almost immediately and I had to force Sammy to take it easy with the training since we had only been home five minutes. We introduced him to all the rooms in the house and his crate before hanging outside for a while.

He slept for about a half hour the entire day on Saturday, so Sammy and I started to panic that we got an overactive puppy haha because all we've heard is that puppies sleep all the time! Luckily this was true on Sunday haha. 

A few of Sammy's friends came by to meet Henry and watch some college football games and my girlfriend came over with her husband to meet him as well. They brought us a pizza and Dr. Pepper (my favorite) and a treat for Henry which was SO sweet, and we ate dinner together and caught up a little.

I want to take a picture of him next to his Dino toy every month to watch his growth haha. This was the best I could get that night.

He cried the first night for a few minutes, but of course it felt like an hour to Sammy and I. We just felt so bad. And then he REALLY cried when I put him back in his crate at 5 a.m. Sunday morning after we went outside. But he eventually stopped, thank god. 

We played a little in the morning before he started napping which he proceeded to do all day long which was actually really helpful haha cause it allowed Sammy and I to get stuff done.

Sammy left mid morning to go run some errands, and I wanted to try out a new apple pie recipe, so Henry stayed in the kitchen with me while I baked.

Here he is preoccupied with one of his treats from aunt Chelsie and uncle Dan! 

I was able to clean the whole downstairs after making my pie which made me so relieved that we'll actually be able to get stuff done even while he's a puppy and needs constant supervision. I'm very selfish with my time (a bad quality of mine I'm sure Henry is going to help me break haha) and enjoy being alone and time after work to decompress, so I panicked thinking I was going to have to give that up for the next several months, but it looks like we lucked out with a super chill guy.

We invited our family to come over for dinner and to watch the Bear/Packer game and meet Henry. My parents and grandma had no idea about him, so they were definitely surprised. It was fun to finally share our secret!

I tested a new apple pie recipe which was CLEARLY not to be judged for its appearance haha. The crust is my grandma's recipe and turned out really well and the filling was from The New York Times, of course. I thought the flavor was really nice, but I'm going to shorten the cook time on the apples by a few minutes and definitely going to use Honey Crisp next time.

Having my family over is nothing short of miraculous for my soul. I just love it. And having Henry with us seals the deal.

Last night we were able to get him to go into his crate at bedtime on his own...

but then he got a little confused ;) he actually didn't cry at all last night which I'm hoping continues! fingers majorly crossed.

So that's the scoop on our weekend. A lot of time spent at home (so happy Sammy was off both days) as a family of three :)

And now we're back to reality of work and regular house tasks. Looking forward to some quiet days,  getting back into our routine, and figuring out our new normal.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! xo

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