Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fall Decor 2018

I wanted to do a quick post showing a little bit of our Fall decor this year. This was our first attempt at decorating our house and I've been having so much fun.

I learned pretty quickly when we moved in that I didn't like furniture decorating all that much, but holiday decorating could not be more my jam. I just love it.

I put out a lot of neutral touches for Fall in September and have recently switched it up for Halloween, but we'll go back to the neutral/Harvest theme in November for Thanksgiving.

A few weeks ago our stoop looked like this with our lanterns, mums, and hay bale (and giant cornstalk I'm OBSESSED with).

I grabbed two bags of these faux pumpkins for $5 from Target for our bowl on the kitchen table.

Shoved my Crate & Barrel pot holder in our utensil jar and put little ceramic pumpkins I grabbed from the Target dollar section here and on our end table in the living room.

Our entry way table had very minimal fall touches because I knew I was going to go ham for Halloween, so I kept up with our Paris theme in prep for our trip.

I threw some old dollar section pumpkins on a random ledge...

And up on our floating shelves.

I've put some seasonal candles in a few rooms and displayed my Fall-looking magazines on the table which my brother now deems the "waiting room" look.

And for Halloween...

I really want a tiered tray for displaying festive decor but I can't find any that aren't super rustic looking, like a girl can only take so much galvanized touches. So I'm just using a cake dish for now and actually like how it looks a lot. I found these appetizer dishes in the Target dollar section, 2 for $3, and thought they'd be perfect for when I host Friendsgiving this year. Then I threw my black striped paper straws in a glass and added my favorite candle from Bath and Body Works.

I got these salt and pepper shakers at a shop in town and think they're hilarious and needed them.

I replaced the little ceramic pumpkins with these really pretty bowl I found at Target that I plan on filling with candy corn.

And I threw the ceramic pumpkins up on our shelves.

I added a bunch of stuff to our entry way table which is my favorite thing to decorate. 

And I replaced the other neutral pumpkins with a cauldron (also our trick-or-treating bucket for handing out candy) and spookier pumpkin.

And then for outside decorations, I put up some super lightweight ghosts since this tree is still growin'  and I didn't want anything too heavy on her branches. I found the two smaller ones at Party City for like $1.50 (someone in our neighborhood already asked how I made them--ha!) and my future MIL gave us the one with the witch feet.

Sammy's favorite thing in life is to get things for free, so he's forever asking his parents if they have any decorations they "don't want" ;) so he took that scary witch (I was pretty against any witch decor #feminism but gave up once we found out Target sold out of the other scary decorations Sammy wanted, so I let him have his scary thing) and the spider that climbs up and down the cornstalk that you can't even see in this picture haha, and the terra cotta pumpkins.

We left the hay bale and cornstalk and our lanterns (forever on our stoop because I'm obsessed) are a little hidden behind the witch (damn her). I moved the mums to the front so I could put our pumpkins on top of the hay bale. Sammy did an awesome job adding webbing to everything, and I half buried some bones in our now-bare garden area which turned out well if I do say so myself. And he insisted on caution tape...but all we could come up with was an X haha primarily because I vetoed tapping it all over the front door area.

Forever the queen of taking the worst pictures ever, I bring you a night shot haha. I bought a pack of fake candles with the flickering light inside on Amazon and put them inside our pumpkins and am impressed with how bright they are! I want to put one in each of the terra cotta pumpkins as well. And now you can see the spider lit up haha. 

I think that's it for our early Fall/Halloween decor! I have a white pumpkin and Fall candle in our downstairs bathroom, and some Fall-colored hydrangeas in our bedroom, but no other decor upstairs. I definitely want to get more (hoping to pick stuff up when things go on sale after the holidays pass) and add to our second floor, but it just didn't happen this year. Still hoping to pick up some Fall/Halloween hand towels for the downstairs bathroom though...

Like I said, for Thanksgiving, we'll strip everything back to Harvest-y mode until November 23rd when we go HAM for Christmas. I absolutely can not wait. Gotta start collecting that stuff now ;)


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